My Vintage Caravan

We purchased Bertha, our retro caravan two years ago. She is a 1970's Cosalt caravan, but she has the sexy rounded shape of a caravan from the 50's/60's. Bertha sits on our front drive as we slowly renovate her. Below is a list of blog posts showing our progress.

1. Buying Bertha - I am thrilled to be the new owner of a retro 1978 Cosalt caravan. One of our neighbours spotted it for sale on someones drive and originally he wanted it for himself but just didn't have the room to store it so he pointed me & papa in its direction.Although it is a 70's van it has the sexy rounded shape of a caravan from the 50's & 60's....Continue Reading...

2. Slowly Coming To Life - We have worked really hard on Bertha, our vintage caravan over the past couple of months. Papa has been painting, fixing and doing the 'man' jobs with a screwdriver and drill while I've been sewing curtains and cushion covers plus helping out with some of the painting. Bertha is slowly coming to life. 

Everyone loves her and passes by often poke their noses in the door for a quick look and a chat if we are out there. The kids play in her and she has become a God send during the school holidays on rainy days. She has even had her first guests as Our eldest Son and a few of his friends come to stay for the weekend. Bertha just adores being a guest bedroom. So here's a few snap shots of our progress....Continue Reading...

3. Bertha And The Garden - Bertha sits pleasantly idle on the drive. Enjoying her own vacation, she is no longer roughly pulled along the many concrete ribbons of motorway, as her shiny cutlery rattles and left open cupboard doors slam aggressively shut. She wears her barely visible, touring badges with pride as she remembers sunny days spent in Holland, Germany and France...Continue Reading...

4. Bertha Is Looking Good - After writing about Bertha, the retro caravan last week, lots of people were keen to see her interior.  She is a work in progress and she is being made over on a budget. So here she is, Bertha the retro caravan, Come on in...Continue Reading.

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  1. We are just starting on our journey to get a caravan for the garden. Your restoration work looks amazing. Must show my husband, so he can see what can be done. This weekend we are off to see if we can spot our £50 van. Wish us luck!

  2. Wow, Bertha looks fantastic - well done!!
    Emma :-)