Thursday, 18 January 2018

How To Get Organised Living In A Small House

Like most of us I run a very busy house and I am always on the lookout for ways to keep it running as smoothly as possible. We are a large family living in a teeny tiny house, but we love our cosy corner of the world and we don't want to move to somewhere larger because we are happy here. We adore our neighbours, our quirky little road and our creaky old floorboards so moving is not an option for us, so we have to try and be organised and keep on top of any clutter. I am someone who likes lots of bits and bobs around me. I'm not a minimalist, I like lots of retro and kitsch nick knacks but I do have to limit what I buy (mainly my bargains from the charity shop) to keep my home organised. So here are a few tips to get organised around the home if you are a bit limited on space.

1. De-clutter: The first thing to do is to have a good de-clutter. You can even earn some extra cash  doing it by selling your unwanted stuff on Ebay, at a boot sale or your local Facebook Sales page. If you have stuff you haven't used for over a year then get rid because you are highly unlikely to use or wear it again, stop telling yourself that you might because you really won't. It is simply not worth hanging on to, taking up precious needed space in your home. When you live in a small space you have to be pretty ruthless and declutter regularly. It feels so good when you do.

2. Organise your work space: I have been blogging for ten years this year and in the early days I didn't have a dedicated work area, mainly because of have limited space in my house but I can't tell you how essential an organised workspace is if you blog, study or you simply need somewhere to store your paperwork like bills, passports and other important documents. I like to be able to put my hand to anything I need without pulling the whole house apart to find that important document. You don't need to try and squeeze a desk into your house for this to work, you can simply put up a shelf with binders for your bills, a tray for documents, lidded boxes for envelopes, staplers, tape and other stationary essentials. There really is no excuse for losing your passport.

3. Lots of Shelving: On the subject of shelving, this is a great way to store your clutter. If you have empty walls then use them. I love walking into a house that has lots of shelving, it can give your home personality. You don't have to have everything on full display, you can buy some attractive storage boxes to chuck clutter into without your shelves looking a mess. 

4. A Family Notice Board: Hanging a notice board in your home is a great way to keep the whole family organised because at a quick glance they can check diaries, event times/dates and if you invest in a combination notice board and magnetic whiteboard (perfect for a small space) you can leave each other important notes and messages. A whiteboard is great to scribble a quick message to a family member if you are in a hurry, or to jot down a quick reminder for a shopping list or upcoming birthday/appointment etc. I love the Sundeala Combination Board (pictured) because it is perfect if you are short on space combining both a notice board and whiteboard. Plus they are made from 100% recycled materials!

5. Hooks, Hooks & More Hooks: I have hooks everywhere for all sorts of things. I hook my keys, clothes, bags, scarves, coats and brooms. As the old saying goes 'A place for everything and everything in it's place' hooks are a fantastic tool for making this a reality. I find things so much easier when I know they will be hanging on a certain hook in the house, especially great for keys. I'd be totally lost without my key hooks.

 Do you have any space saving tips?

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Emergency C-Section - A New Addition To The Syders

Life has been busy here at The Syders. Eight weeks ago, we welcomed a brand-new addition to the family, a Grandson. He was born two weeks early back in November, while we were away on holiday. Our eldest daughter had a really rough time of it and ended up having an emergency C-section after experiencing a severe allergic reaction to Penicillin that she was prescribed for a water infection. Having a C-section was her worst nightmare and even though our birthing plans don't always work out the way we want, an emergency while giving birth, for any mum is a terrifying experience.

I had four C-sections, my second being an emergency after having a trial labour and I remember the intense fear that I felt as I was rushed into theatre and how shell shocked I was as I was handed my baby, drowsy from the anaesthetic. It was a bit of a blur. However, my experience of an emergency C-section was a walk in the park compared with what my daughter went through. Not only did she have the op, she also had to contend with a serious allergic reaction to penicillin which escalated into sepsis (blood poisoning) and pneumonia. After a stay in ICU and two weeks in hospital she was released and ever since Papa and I have been helping to care for our Grandson, who initially spent ten days in the neonatal unit receiving antibiotics to make sure that mums sepsis hadn't affected him.

First we had to bring baby home from neonatal while mum was still too unwell to leave hospital. As unprepared grandparents it was a bit of a shock dealing not only with the worry of an extremely poorly daughter but also a newborn to care for full time. During pregnancy you have forty weeks to prepare mentally for a new baby, but when you are just handed a baby and sent home, you are a bit panic stricken. It has been eighteen years since I gave birth to my last child and my first thought was 'can I still do this?' I was a nervous wreck; over worrying about every detail from his temperature to the funny noises he makes when he sleeps. The responsibility of caring for another's child is intense. However, after we got the first night out of the way Papa and I slipped straight back into things as if no time had passed at all since last having a newborn full time. 

Our Grandson is now eight weeks old and is doing fantastic. Mum is on the mend, although bonding has been an issue because she couldn't see her son for the first two weeks of his life. It has been a difficult process and not what we had planned but we are just so relieved that our daughter is home and well and adjusting to her new life as a mother. We are lucky that we have an amazing health visitor who has been incredibly supportive and has offered us some fabulous services to help us on our journey.

So here we are, creeping slowly up to fifty and doing the whole sleepless night thing all over again, learning all the new rules as we go, enjoying plenty of cuddles along the way.

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