10 Simple Storage Ideas For Your Kids Stuff

Nothing clutters up a house quite like having kids, especially if you’re busy with work and are having difficulty maintaining a good work/life balance and spend a lot of time outside the house. Here are 10 simple storage tips for people with kids, from the storage experts at Safe Store.

1.  Put a small kids area in almost every room - There should be a little space for the kids in almost every room except for the dining room and your own bedroom. This keeps things organised and helps with storage and cleaning up. It also keeps the kids organised.

2.  Use a basket for “catch-alls” and quick tidy ups - Place baskets around the house – giving each kid their own basket – for kids to put their toys and other items in. You can also use the baskets yourself to clean up random things you find around the house. Just make sure kids empty their baskets and put things away properly every so often.

3. Throw out unwanted items - Get rid of all their old clothes, toys, and clutter. Find space for sentimental items though. Teaching your children what they should keep, donate, or throw away is a great way to keep the home organized.

4. Divide Rooms into Areas - Dedicate individual areas in the room for groups of items such as books, toys, and clothing.

5. Use appropriate storage and shelving - The tall shelves and bookcases in kid’s rooms should be used for decorating or displaying items. Invest in some child-height storage options and lower shelving so children can store things themselves.

6. Buy Double-Duty Furniture - Try to find furniture that offers built in storage space such as a stool, an ottoman, or a bed with built in drawers. These furniture items go a long way.

7. Buy Adjustable Shelving - You need to buy shelving that can adjust to your needs and your stuff, rather than trying to adapt your stuff to your shelving. It’s easier to adjust a shelf when you need more space than it is to invest in a new one.

8. Put Their Favorite Toys Where They can Reach Them - If you’ve been inside a preschool class you know the dolls and blocks are kept at ground level. That’s because those are the most-used toys. Make sure your kids can reach their favorite toys so they don’t get upset or – worse – make a mess trying to reach them.

9. Throw out the Wrapping - The only time you need to keep the wrapping on a toy is when it’s a collectible. If your kids are playing with it, then it probably isn’t. Don’t be afraid to throw away the wrapping, which can be up to 40% larger than the toy.

10. Buy Special Storage - Do your kids loving playing with toy cars? If so, then you should consider getting storage boxes designed for them like a toy car carry case. These specialty storage choices are available for a wide range of toys, and are an ideal way to pack things away.
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