WizMops 2 in 1 Spray Mop Kit Review (Discount Code)

I've never actually used a microfibre floor mop before, I've always stuck with the traditional mop head type as I've found they do the job just fine, I've had no reason to spend the extra money on a fancy mop, especially a spray mop. I just figured a mop is a mop. That was until I tried the fancy type for myself, the  and now I won't be going back to the old method of mopping.

The reason being I simply found it much easier to use. I love it. The main thing I love about it is there is no need to lug a bucket of sloppy water around, especially convenient if you have toddlers who you worry might go near your bucket. The Wiz Mop has a handy bottle that you can fill with your favourite cleaner, detergent or environmentally friendly watered down lemon or essential oils which you spray directly on to your floor and mop with a reusable microfibre pad (which lasts for 100 washes). So much easier than messing around filling buckets.

Another great feature of the WizMop is that it comes with a window cleaner attachment. I don't clean my windows at home, it is one of those chores that hubby took on as his own years ago. He has all the kit, squeegee thingy and flash cloths so I was keen to see what he thought about the attachment. Hubby found it lightweight to use and he found the spray feature really handy. It left my windows streak free so it works wonderfully well.

Overall I really love this mop and I won't ever go back to my old method. This is so much easier to use and it really does clean my floors better. I highly recommend. 

15% DISCOUNT CODE: The Wizmop has a RRP of £29.95 and is available from Amazon on offer at the moment priced £19.95. We would love to offer my readers a 15% flat discount on the Spray Mop. Simply purchase your Wizmop by following this link to Amazon and at the checkout use the code: 15OFFWIZ
WizMops 2 in 1 Spray Mop Kit Review (Discount Code) WizMops 2 in 1 Spray Mop Kit Review (Discount Code) Reviewed by Emma@christmascupboard on Monday, August 21, 2017 Rating: 5

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