Five Easy Foods To Grow With Kids

Kids usually love being out in the garden. Rain, snow or sun they don't care and they always enjoy growing things from scratch. Gardening is really good for instilling a sense of responsibility and excitement in your child as they eagerly plant their favorite fruits and vegetables, caring for them as they wait to reap their harvest. Not to mention, you can thoroughly enjoy a bounty of fresh, organic foods that your family grew together

There are lots of easy things you can grow together and this time of year is when you should start thinking about what you want to plant. You want your kids to have success when gardening, which will boost their confidence and love of growing their own. I have planted many different types of fruits and vegetables with my kids over the years and the following are pretty much foolproof. 

1. Potatoes - One of the easiest foods to grow are potatoes, they are tough, needing little fuss. You just need a spot in the garden that gets some sun and a seed potato which you usually buy in net bags from a garden center, online or from places like Wilkinson s. Even if you are limited on space with just a balcony, you can even grow potatoes in a bag just as we have many times. Plant them between February and May. 

2. Tomatoes - The taste of a home grown tomato is amazing and the aroma as they grow is heaven. You need a frame, trellis or simple canes to grow these as the grow very tall. seed them in pots first and when they get a few inches tall transplant them to a grow bag with three planting holes cut out. Stick a can in with each plant as they get taller.

3. Strawberries - Such an easy fruit to grow, strawberries can be grown in flower beds, pots or hanging baskets. I personally prefer to grow them in hanging baskets because you tend to get less problems with slugs when the strawberries are grown higher up. They are the fastest fruit you can grow and kids are always delighted to see them appear. Natures sweet candy, they are like finding garden gems when they turn red. You can grow these from seed, but you will see lots of garden centers that sell them really cheaply as tiny plants. Just re-pot them into a basket, pot or bed.

4. Peas - These are a delight to grow and the kids love making a cane wigwam for them to grow their plants up and over. Peas provide our gardens with really pretty flowers before they produce our peas and are thrilling to grow.

5. Radish - These are the easiest and fastest growing vegetable and a great one to start with if you want to guarantee a garden full of hundreds of radishes. Kids can secure instant rewards growing these as they only take 21 days from seed!

What do you like to grow with your kids?

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  1. Your photos are lovely!

    I think it's so important to get kids involved with growing food so they understand where it comes from, it develops respect for food and reduces wastage as well as encouraging them to try new things.

  2. I am the world's worst gardener but I have tried to grow a few things over the years with the children and we have had some success. It is so important to teach the children though and it always tastes better if you grow it yourself.

  3. I so remember my Dad's peas and the wigwams he grew them on. My mum would grow the tomatoes and bring them inside while green and put them on the windowsill to go red. We've not grown anything but herbs so far, but I'd love to grow some strawberries in a hanging basket.

  4. I've not tried radishes but then that is probably as I don't like them. We don't have a garden currently but the kids used to love it when we did. Mich x

  5. My strawberries did well last year but not sure what happened to our apples and tomatoes. Hopefully they will be better this year

  6. We have four raised beds in our garden and grow a lot of veg and salads with the boys. Foe younger children fast growing things such as spring onions, raddish, cress etc are ace

  7. Great suggestions - we're just about to replant our little veg garden this week x x

  8. I really want to try and grow something this year. We tried once before and it was a bit of a disaster so I gave up but I'm really feeling like it's time to try again!


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