That’so All In One Sunscreen Review

We have been told our whole lives that no matter how many times we apply our sunscreen we will only ever get SPF stated on the bottle. Not any more! There is a brand new sunscreen that is breaking all the rules and saying that their product will do exactly what we thought impossible. 

Italian tanning and skincare experts at That'so have developed an 'All-in-One' sunscreen that will give you 20, 30 & 50 SPF in one bottle.

How cool is that! It means that you no longer have to carry to the beach three different SPF bottles of sunscreen. Brilliant news!

That'so All In One SPF 20-30-50+ Protective Dry Oil Spray - To obtain 20 SPF you just spray on your skin for ten seconds, then 3 minutes later spray a second layer to obtain 30 SPF and a further 3 minutes apply a third layer to obtain 50 SPF. It is as simple as that. 

As well as protecting your skin this product also offers super melanin stimulation, thanks to TYR-EXCEL™ which is activated by UV rays and  MELANUP+™ which works without UV sunrays and promotes speedy tanning and intensity. So basically it acts as a tan enhancer and moisture protector. It protects and tans at the same time. 

That'so All In One After Sun Micro-Emulsion Spray - Rich in moisturising, it contains anti-erythema active ingredients which enhances your tan and repairs the skin from any sun damage. It has an easy spray application that soothes and refreshes the skin.

As well as MELANUP+™  That'so after sun contains the following active ingredients - 
●   D.S.B. C®: anti-inflammatory and protects the skin fighting against free radicals and deeply hydrating the skin.
●   INHIPASE®: has an anti-inflammatory, anti-redness and anti-dryness action on the skin.
●   St Paul’s Wort: a powerful anti-inflammatory for the skin.
●   Aloe Barbadensis: has a powerful hydrating effect on the skin, aloe vera is also anti-inflammatory, helps protect the epidermis, and has a long-term hydrating effect.

Bottom Line - What do we think? We were sent some of these products to try and we loved it. Two of my twenty something kids have been using both products almost daily for the past couple of weeks and have become huge fans. My son is asked on daily basis where he has been on holiday because he has developed such a lovely tan just from sitting in the garden in between his shifts from work. People are shocked he hasn't been somewhere more exotic. We love the fact that they protect as well as enhance a tan and they smell divine. Also as a spray oil they do not feel greasy at all. Big thumbs up from The Syders! Highly Recommend!

RRP £18.95 available from That'so Skincare

That’so All In One Sunscreen Review That’so All In One Sunscreen Review Reviewed by Emma@christmascupboard on Tuesday, July 12, 2016 Rating: 5

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