Sonnet For A Newborn

Last month we become Grandparents for the second time to another beautiful little girl. We are overjoyed and full of hopes and dreams for the newest addition to our family. I wrote a sonnet about our first meeting.

Sonnet For A Newborn

Wrapped up tight like a Battenburg delight
full of sparkle; shimmering, zip, zing, ah
tingling sentimentality shining bright
eyed. Forward thinking, fresh cuppa char. 
Comfortably cradled in arms swaddled
with love at first sight; beaming we coo.
An awe of admiration cram huddled
together; we fit snug as an old shoe.
I look at my boy stone dead on his feet;
undaunted, exhausted and proud as punch,
drunk on dreams of mastering the car seat,
noxious nappies and winding after lunch.
A good father he will be, I can honestly say
with certainty; so freely in his way.
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  1. Oh that's lovely, what beautiful words. Congratulations on your beautiful new Granddaughter xx

  2. Oh that is lovely. Congratulations. My SIL became a grandma twice in the period of three months. We are delighted with two new babies in the family.

  3. Congratulations, what a cutie! How lovely to write a sonnet rather than just a poem, it feels extra important!

  4. Congratulations, she is beautiful and what a lovely sonnet too

  5. Many congratulations. She us beautiful as is the sonnet.

  6. Such a sweet and cheerful sonnet - congrats to you all! x

  7. Wow- congratulations - beautiful baby and beautiful sonnet x

  8. Aww, beautiful little granddaughter you have there! I bet you're right proud! Lovely sonnet too x

  9. Congratulations Emma, she is gorgeous! Lovely words too x

  10. Aww she's gorgeous, congratulations. Such lovely words too x


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