Monday, 25 January 2016

Twistshake Anti Colic Baby Bottle


Launched in April 2015, Twistshake is a new generation baby bottle invented and designed in Sweden that was awarded the Baby product of the year award 2015 by the Swedish toy and baby branch. The parenting magazine 'The Baby Spot' recently chose Twistshake as the Bottle of the year 2016, so I was pretty keen to see what is so great about it.

Twistshake comes with a mixer-net that prevents lumps in the mixture from clogging the teat and with every bottle a powder box is included for easy storage and meal preparation. The bottle comes in 3 sizes and 8 sparkling colors that can be combined so you can create your personal color combination. Twistshake has an anti-colic valve, offers an appealing design, is easy to clean and easy to grip for the baby. 

I really like the bright colors available and I think it is a cute idea to combine the colors together. It just makes your baby's bottle a bit different from everyone else. 

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