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With Seagull Splat from University Games

Seagull is flying happily around…. splat…. what is that on the ground? Seagull Splat is the mischievous and hilarious children’s game that will have kids screaming with laughter. Are you lucky enough to dodge the poop? You may end up pooped out if you aren’t!

The object of the game is to be the last player to keep one of his/her Character beach towels. It’s easy to play – each player chooses a colour and places the beach towels in front of them. Simply fill up the bird with the seagull foam solution and place the bird and spinner in the middle of the table. The first player spins the spinner to indicate on which colour beach towel he / she may poop.

Take the seagull and fly over to the beach towels of the player with the colour indicated on the spinner and squeeze the tail once. If the bird poops, the player has to put away the pooped-on character. If the bird does not poop, the player is lucky and his/her characters are saved for this round. Play continues until there is only one player with beach towels remaining. This player is the winner!

With an advanced version for seasoned poopers, Seagull Splat is set to be a family favourite this Christmas. Available from Toys ‘R’ Us and Argos.
Big thumbs up from The Syders. We think this game is great fun, a great Christmas gift.

Age 4+ years. For 2-4 players. RRP £19.99

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