Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Baby's First Christmas Gift Ideas

Looking for some last minute gift ideas for a Baby's first Christmas?  BabyBlooms have beautifully bound fairy-tale books (personalisable), hampers and clothing for both boys and girls. Some really cute gift ideas to help make baby's first Christmas extra special.


A baby's first Christmas is a special moment and this gorgeous, long sleeved 100% cotton t-shirt, embroidered with the wording 'My first Christmas' and a festive teddy bear is a great baby Christmas present.


A 100% cotton pull over baby bib in white with the wording 'My First Christmas' embroidered on the front in red thread.


A fabulous, fine bone china Christmas bauble, hand decorated with a beautifully detailed Christmas tree and teddy bears illustration from artist Amanda Bradley.


Celebrate a baby's first Christmas with this luxury gift from Babyblooms.  This set contains our much loved personalised festive Bertie Bear, a 'My First Christmas' bauble and a breakfast set containing a plate, bowl, mug and egg cup all hand decorated and beautifully packaged in illustrated boxes with festive tissue paper and ribbon.


Personalised Classic Fairytale Book; This beautifully illustrated A4 book, filled with 12 classic fairytales is bound in a purple silk, hardback cover embossed with gold lettering. Babybloom's personalisation service means that the child's name will be displayed on the front cover and will also feature within every other illustration throughout the book. 

Saturday, 19 December 2015

University Games - Seagull Splat

With Seagull Splat from University Games

Seagull is flying happily around…. splat…. what is that on the ground? Seagull Splat is the mischievous and hilarious children’s game that will have kids screaming with laughter. Are you lucky enough to dodge the poop? You may end up pooped out if you aren’t!

The object of the game is to be the last player to keep one of his/her Character beach towels. It’s easy to play – each player chooses a colour and places the beach towels in front of them. Simply fill up the bird with the seagull foam solution and place the bird and spinner in the middle of the table. The first player spins the spinner to indicate on which colour beach towel he / she may poop.

Take the seagull and fly over to the beach towels of the player with the colour indicated on the spinner and squeeze the tail once. If the bird poops, the player has to put away the pooped-on character. If the bird does not poop, the player is lucky and his/her characters are saved for this round. Play continues until there is only one player with beach towels remaining. This player is the winner!

With an advanced version for seasoned poopers, Seagull Splat is set to be a family favourite this Christmas. Available from Toys ‘R’ Us and Argos.
Big thumbs up from The Syders. We think this game is great fun, a great Christmas gift.

Age 4+ years. For 2-4 players. RRP £19.99

Friday, 11 December 2015

Top Tips To Get Ready For Christmas Eve

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse…

….We wish! All mums know the reality; convincing over-excited children to get some sleep before the big day, wrapping presents late into the night and stressing over last minute food preparations.

This year, make sure you are prepared for Christmas Eve by pre-empting any of the classic problems, so you can tuck yourself in with the confidence that it is going to be a joyful day ahead.

To help you out, we have put together the following festive forget-me-nots, for a Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

For the un-expected guest?
Whether it’s you brother who has just announced his bringing his new girlfriend to Christmas day lunch or your Auntie deciding to pop by on a whim, at Christmas we extend goodwill to all mankind and welcome all guests no matter how unexpected they are! To help ensure you are the hostess-with-the-mostess Lloyds Pharmacy have got last minute gifts wrapped up! Who wouldn’t like this Baylis & Harding jojoba, silk & almond oil gown set, you can find in your local high street branch for £19.99.

For energy support as you wrap more presents than Santa’s Elves
Perfect for those who jam-pack their Christmas Eve, Emergen-C offers a double hit of energy release and immunity support in handy fast dissolving, wallet-sized sachets. Packing 1000mg of Vitamin C to support the immune system’s normal function and 6 B vitamins for energy release Emergenc-C costs £4.99 for a pack of 8 and is available from Boots stores nationwide. For further information visit http://www.emergenc.com.

 For that moment you see the ‘Batteries not included’ label
It’s 11 O’clock on the night before Christmas and as you prepare the stockings you realize that must have toy MUST have batteries and you are all out! Avoid the hunt for the nearest open convenience store on Christmas morning and be sure to stock up in advance this year.

For those sticky moments
If you have left the present wrapping to the last minute, the last thing you want to do is run around the house, looking for something sticky to substitute when you run out of tape! Make sure you buy a fresh roll in advance, so you don’t end up in a sticky situation.

 For Santa
Make sure you stay clear of Santa’s naughty list by leaving out a mince pie. If Santa happens to be Gluten free he might like to try Lovemore’s Gluten Free Mince Pies. Available at Holland & Barrett for £2.89 for a pack of 4 these mouth-watering pies are a delicious festive treat. Made with shortcrust pastry and deep-filled mincemeat they contain no artificial colors or flavor.

For a silent night
If the excitement of the festive period has made the kid’s bedtime a nightmare before Christmas and the stress of preparing for the big day means you can’t switch off, why not try an essential oil? Sweet and floral with a medium strength initial aroma, soothing essential oils have been found to be very beneficial for supporting relaxation. Add a couple of drops to your pre-bedtime bath such as Lavender Pure Essential Oil £11.39, available from Holland & Barrett Stores and online http://www.hollandandbarrett.com/

For when the hard work is done
After all the hard work is done and you’re ready to unwind be sure to treat yourself for your hard work with a Midnight Mud Mask such as Dr. Organic Dead Sea Mineral Bio-Plasma Mud Mask,Organic Dead Sea Mineral salt and Dead Sea Mud have a long history of skin purifying and health promoting properties, so in combination with a blend of bioactive, natural and organic extracts, such as Kaolin, Plankton Extract and Algae Extract, this face mask penetrates deep into the pores, effectively removing excess oil and impurities, whilst stimulating new cell regeneration. Great for helping your skin to feel festively fresh. £7.99 from Holland & Barrett

Thursday, 10 December 2015

How To Make Snowman Soup

Every year I make snowman soup. I give them to family, friends and neighbors and they are always warmly received. In fact they have become one of our family Christmas traditions and the kids look forward to them year after year.

What You Need:
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Marshmallows
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Candy Canes
  • Curling Ribbon
  • Snowman Soup labels (available from Ebay or download for free here)
  • Cellophane Cone Bags (available from Ebay)


  1. Scoop required amount of hot chocolate to make one drink into a cone bag. Seal the bag with ribbon and trim the top of the bag.
  2. Drop the hot chocolate cone into another cone bag.
  3. Layer with marshmallows, then chocolate chips.
  4. Seal the bag with curling ribbon.
  5. Stick a candy cane onto the cone.
  6. Add labels and ribbons to decorate.
  7. To serve make your hot chocolate, stir with your candy cane, spray some squirty cream on top, add marshmallows and chocolate chips. 
  8. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Living Room Makeover - Retro Style

I'm totally crazy about the TV show Madmen. I'd even go as far as admitting that I'm slightly obsessed with the shows retro style and I have been really keen to bring some of that 1960's vibe into my own home, starting with my living room.

I decided to give my living room a makeover in time for Christmas to add some color and coziness ready for entertaining family and guests over the festive period. The room before was predominantly black and mocha and as someone who loves bright colors I was desperate to add some 'wow' to the decor. 

I made a start by picking a wallpaper that is an exact replica of one featured in Madmen, a groovy orange and brown patterned paper. It is extremely vibrant so I was careful to only paper one wall, so as not to overpower the room.

For winter warmth I purchased lots of cushions and throws. I added lamps, candles, twinkly fairy lights and down lighters to give a chilled out, cosy atmosphere. Chunky solid wood furniture gives the room a rustic feel and retro accessories give an authentic 1960's look. We are lucky enough to have an open fire and when it's lit it is fantastically toasty. My favorite addition to the room is a large framed 1960's print that I picked up second hand, I love it. I love the stag trend at the moment so I have a few on my mantle, including a glittery one, perfectly festive.

The room before the makeover was cold and unloved, the decor boring. Now, my room is warm and inviting. The bright orange instantly made us feel cosy. 

What Do You Think? Do You Think It Looks Cosy?


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