Homemade Treatments for Frizzy Hair

Nothing is more annoying than having frizzy hair when you long for smooth and glossy. For some people, it's frizzy when they wake up in the morning. For others, the slightest rise in humidity in the air will make their hair frizz. Whenever it happens, it's hard to keep frizzy hair looking sleek and tidy.

However, help is at hand. Try out a few of these traditional homemade hair treatments to fight the frizz - I promise, your hair will thank you!

Pumpkin and Honey
Pumpkins are packed with health-giving nutrients and should be included in your diet. But if you have more than you need, it's a fabulous ingredient for a hair treatment. Mix cooked pumpkin puree with a spoonful of honey and then pack the resulting paste onto your hair. Wrap it in cling film or a towel and leave it on for approximately 20 minutes. Pumpkin is rich in antioxidant vitamins and this treatment will leave hair soft and shiny.

Sugar Water
This is a great frizz flattener! Mix a spoonful of sugar into a cup of warm water and then apply a little of it to your hair using the palms of your hands. When it dries, your hair may feel a little stiff and crunchy! Basically, this acts as a homemade hairspray and will hold your hair to prevent frizziness.

Apple Cider Vinegar
This is a tried and tested hair treatment that women have been using for years and years. Apple cider vinegar is wonderful for making your hair smoother and shinier. Use it as a rinse after shampooing - add a spoonful to a cup of warm water and comb it through your hair. Let it sit for a while and then rinse it out. If you hate the smell of vinegar, adding a drop or two of an essential oil can help.

Avocado is so rich in good fats that it's earned a reputation as a super food. But these fats can also be used to nourish dry frizzy hair. Make a mask of mashed avocado with a couple of drops of rosemary or peppermint oil added and apply it to your hair for half an hour after washing. When you rinse it away, you'll be left with lovely soft, shiny hair.

Sometimes a build-up of product in your hair can leave it dull and lifeless - but would you belief that something as small and simple as an aspirin could offer the solution? Just crush one up and add it into your shampoo. Aspirin contains salicylic acid, which will clear product residue from your hair, to leave it shiny and manageable. 

Coconut Oil
Beautifully rich and full of short chain fatty acids, coconut oil is excellent for conditioning dry hair. Simply warm a spoonful up in the microwave and then apply it sparingly to the driest areas of your hair - usually the ends. Leave it on for as long as you like, even overnight, and then shampoo it off for super-conditioned hair.

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