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2014 has been a good year here at The Syders. Everyone has been kept busy and happy with lots of new opportunities coming our way. A happy and healthy year, that is all we can hope for with no-one needing to make any personal injury claims with the help of someone like Leo Claims. No, this year has been a lucky one and like most of us Instagram addicts I have been snapping away, documenting The Syders 2014.

We started the year with two new additions to the family - Tiger and Casper the kittens, who have not failed to make us smile throughout the whole year. I passed level one of the degree that I'm studying, which was a wonderful achievement for me. We had a productive spring in the garden as we began a bit of a makeover, enjoyed good food in lovely restaurants, had a river boat cruise along the Thames, a day out at The Tower of London, I sewed and I crocheted. I began a juicing diet, losing over two stone and lowering my blood pressure. We visited Thorpe Park, went on long river walks and I discovered that my Mothers cancer was not genetic!

We had an amazing summer, experiencing Camp Bestival for the first time seeing Basement Jaxx live, crying while watching my heroes Chas & Dave and sitting in the woods while the voice of Sinead O'connor echoed across the meadow. I felt completely terrified at The London Bridge Experience - woo, what a place! I went blond and hit the beach on the Costa Dorada. I celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary with the love of my life, my soul mate and my best friend. I went pilar box red and got a new job. This year has been a blast and I'm now preparing for a magical Christmas. I can not wait for another brilliant year in 2015. Bring it on! 

Pop over and give me a wave.
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  1. I popped over to instagram, but I need an app to register, so does that mean it's just a phone thing, or can I get on via my PC?

    1. Hi Joy, It is a phone app but you can view photo's online too. You need a smartphone for Instagram. You would really enjoy instagram Joy, as it is a massive community of people who love sharing & viewing photo's xxx

    2. I'm sure I would, but my current phone is dumb and I have no need to replace it at the moment. When I do eventually catch up with a smart phone then I'll join x x x

  2. Loving that pic of your cat/kitten! Happy New Year!


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