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It's funny, the things that can suddenly evoke a memory. Sometimes it is a song that comes on the radio, or a smell like a certain perfume, flower or soap. Certain times of the year can also have an effect on our memories, especially Christmas time. Everywhere I turn I'm reminded of my childhood and mainly memories of my Mum. The festive season does that to us doesn't it. Maybe I'm just sentimental, but I treasure every memory that pops into my mind. 

I've mentioned before that my Mum was a self builder, and if she wasn't looking to build a new house, extension or loft conversion then she was dragging me around estate agents looking for a bargain to renovate. If she spotted a 'For Sale' sign outside an old, dilapidated house then I could almost feel her heart racing. She would squeal with delight "Emma, quick, get the name of that estate agent on the board!!" I would sigh and in true teenage fashion I'd mumble ' Strutt & Parker ' or whatever agent happened to be selling the property that mum had just spotted with her eagle eyes. 

It wouldn't matter where we were or what we were doing mum had her eyes constantly peeled. We could be anywhere in the country, I even remember once we were in Hertfordshire for a wedding and she dragged me around every estate agents in St Albans on our way to the church looking for a property that might need some love and attention. Mum had a good eye and she also had the balls to just go for it, to take a risk. I didn't appreciate at the time what a brave woman she was. I miss those sudden moments of the car stopping so she could write down an address and agents name. I miss the random house viewings and listening to her latest property plan. Funny, the things we take for granted and the memories they create.
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  1. You are so right Mama S, so funny what we take for Granted. Have a lovely Christmas, no doubt your Mum will be watching down on you all and smiling! xx

  2. That's a great action-sot photo and I love the fashion of that day. Wishing you a very happy Christmas Emma. Mich x


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