Memories of Christmas Past

A couple of years ago I found an old camera film that had belonged to my Mum. Now, my Mum was not one for taking photo's, and I can't even actually remember her with a camera in her hand ever so this discovery was simply mind blowing for me as it contained photo's of Christmas past in the house where I grew up. I was thrilled to find photo's of me and my boys with our Nan & Grandad who are sadly no longer with us. This photo is so precious to me as it reminds me of happier times in our Family.

I love to look back on Christmas past. Certain music albums evoke memories for me like East17's album 'Steam' and Oasis 'Definitely Maybe' when Noel Gallagher was at the top of his game back in 1994. I was 24 and Hubby bought me both these albums on cassette tape. I played them over and over along with Take That 'Everything Changes'. I was a young Mum, full of energy running around after a lively family. I can just imagine watching those albums being performed live on stage at the O2 today. Noel Gallagher tickets would be so much fun and I would think that I am 24 again as I would sing and dance along to every word. Memories would come flooding back.

I'd love to go back for the day and experience Christmas again with our four kids all small again, Mum, Nan & Granddad still alive and all my Brothers sitting around the Christmas table giggling and flicking food at one another. They were very happy times, full of memories that I will cherish forever. 

Christmas is about making memories, not the expensive, lavish gifts that as parents we often feel under pressure to buy. It isn't the presents that I remember so much, but more the good times and the company of loved ones that are no longer with us. People are what make Christmas so special, our Family and our Friends, so enjoy your loved ones this year and make it a Christmas to remember.

Happy Christmas From The Syders!
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