Magic Moments - A Catch Up

I just can not believe how fast these months have flown by. I have been so busy since returning from our holiday that I have barely had time to blog. I thought a little catch up was in order as we hit the last month of the year.

We had a fabulous holiday to Spain with all the kids. We are very lucky that our kids still like to holiday with us every year, even the two who are now in their twenties still always ask us where we are off to for our holiday. Usually we choose to go to Center Parcs, but this year as it was our 25th year of marriage we decided to have a change and go abroad. After a lot of research, we picked a place that had marvellous reviews, a Euro Camp site in Salou. Cambrils Park is about an hour and a half's drive from Barcelona and it really lived up to it's excellent reviews. We had a great time. 

Our 25th Wedding Anniversary was last month. We were teenagers when we took the plunge and lots of people assumed we were too young and that the marriage wouldn't last. We had been inseparable since day the day we met and lots of people would delight in telling me that our relationship was unhealthy because we wanted to spend all our time together. Now I realise that those people were simply jealous because we had something special. We have had our fair share of problems and we even separated for a while but we fought hard to get our marriage back on track and we are now happier than we have ever been. Here's to the next 25 years!

We have been really busy preparing for Christmas. It is a big deal in our house and we always go over the top with everything from the presents to the crackers. It really is our most favourite time of the year. The girls made their own Christmas cards a few weeks ago, using a lovely kit from Station Harry (available for just a couple of pounds). The girls made loads of fab cards, the kit is lovely,  be sure to pop over an say hi. Thanks to Joy who lovingly puts the kits together.

Last week our Granddaughter turned nine. We are so proud of what a lovely girl she has become, kind, funny and beautiful, she is such a blessing and she makes our life complete. Happy Birthday to a very special girl!

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  1. Congratulations on 25 years, I'm sure that holiday was just what you needed, it looks beautiful. Those Christmas cards are great, that's something my kids enjoy doing too. Happy Birthday to your Granddaughter, last year of single digits! Popping in from Magic Moments.

  2. Looks like you had lots of magic moments to enjoy the past few months :) Congratulations on the anniversary!


  3. 25 years!!! Congratulations!! I still love a holiday with my parents too....although this is obviously much harder living in different countries now! Xx

  4. Congratulations! 25 years is amazing! Looks like the holiday was a lot of fun. Happy birthday to your grandaughter!

  5. 25 years is like awesome! 5 years on my marriage and (right about now)m husband and I want out. We will try to sort this cuz maybe its still worth it. #whatsthestory

  6. Congrats Mama S, on the anniversary, the lovely break, the grand-daughter's 9th birthday, and the fact that it's almost Christmas - I know how special that is in your house! ;) xx

  7. Happy 25th anniversary! That is just amazing!

  8. Happy 25th :) im pleased you have written the above because I relate in the sense that I got engaged as a teen and married at 21 and people say that we won't last. We spend most of our time together too as you say there are ups and downs but we are strong together :) hope you had a lovely break with the family. I have made some of joys cards too they are fab aren't they xx


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