Camp Bestival 2015 Theme Announced

Last August we experienced Camp Bestival for the first time, and it was an experience we will never ever forget. The memories made over that weekend will stay with us forever. If I can urge you to do one thing in your lifetime, then taking your kids to a Family festival would be high up on my recommendations. 
"On the last night we were sitting in the wooded Dingly Dell, as the sun set over Camp Bestival, bunting gently flapping in the breeze, children playing, tired parents were silent, while the haunting voice of Sinead O Connor echoed across the meadow, and as she belted out 'Nothing compares To You' I realised that this was truly one of the most magical experiences of my life."  Mama Syder - The Acts We Loved.
You can even pay into a weekly plan with Camp Bestival to make the event more affordable and you know me, I did the whole festival on a budgetas we travelled by train with our tent on our back, hot chocolate and marshmallows in our bag. We had such an adventure!

The theme for 2014 was circus and the whole site sprung to live with the spectacular and the wonderful. It was simply amazing, so we were really excited to learn the theme for next year. 

Camp Bestival Goes 'Wild' For 2015

It is all about the great outdoors for next years Camp Bestival "From jumping about in your bare feet, creating wild art and making daisy chains, to wood carving, star gazing and way beyond, a wild imagination goes a long way in nature’s playground, and come 30th July to the 2nd August, Lulworth Castle is going to be the wildest place on earth!"

Tickets for Camp Bestival 2015 (July 30th to Aug 2nd) are on sale now via: Ticketline/ 0844 888 4410
You can use our 35 week payment plan to purchase your tickets meaning that an adult ticket can now be bought at a payment of just £5 per week over 34 consecutive weekly payments following an initial deposit payment. Book online via Ticketline only: select 'Camp Bestival 2015 - Weekend Payment Plan'.
Once you have signed up to the payment plan, which basically means giving your agreement by ticking the bank mandate form on Ticketline’s website, they will automatically debit your card on a weekly basis. More info here .
NB: Booking fees and a deposit (£25 per adult ticket) will be charged with your initial transaction.
Adult Weekend Ticket (inc. camping from Thurs or Fri) - £195*
Student Weekend Ticket (inc. camping from Thurs or Fri) - £180*
Age 15 to 17 Weekend Ticket (inc. camping from Thurs or Fri) - £113*
Age 11 to 14 Weekend Ticket (inc. camping from Thurs or Fri) - £20*
Age 5 to 10 Weekend Ticket (inc. camping from Thurs or Fri) - £20*
Age 4 & Under Weekend Ticket (inc. camping from Thurs or Fri) – FREE (but ticket required)*

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  1. I so wanted to go next year, but sadly (or actually not so sadly because it will be fun too!) I will be staying in a light house for my best friend's 40th! :D xx


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