Christmas Gift Ideas For A Music Fan

Do you have a friend or family member always talking about the latest bands? Maybe they are a regular gig goer or buy all the latest albums? Are you worried about what to get them for Christmas as you constantly block out their muso talk and think about something more interesting? Here is a list of possible gifts which you can get without having to worry too much about the musical tastes of your friend. Hopefully, the following pointers will give you some inspiration and help you solve one Christmas conundrum.

Everyone needs headphones these days. On the school bus, commuter train or walking the dog you will rarely see someone not plugged into their portable device. There is a great range of headphones on the market these days, with on-ear, in-ear and around-ear option so if you can stealthily find out what their preference is, this is a sure fire hit of a present. Take a look at the headphones at Hispek for a great selection of top of the range products from the unbeatable brand Bose.

Concert Tickets
Give them something to look forward in the New Year with tickets to see their favourite band live. Check Ticketmaster for 2015 tours. If you are struggling to remember the name of one of their favourite acts or their seems to be no appropriate concerts, you can also purchase vouchers from this website.

Here’s a little bit of a leftfield idea which could be gratefully received. Try getting them an unusual instrument like a ukele, synthesizer or a simple tambourine! You may want to throw in lessons or a how-to guide book to give them a helping hand.

Hi fi
Music fans never want to be far away from a device which they can play their music on therefore a hi fi of any shape or size will always be welcome. Take into account other portable devices which they may want to play through the speaker system when you are choosing such a product as well as whether they are fans of CDs, records or MP3.

iTunes Vouchers
This is the ultimate safe option but one that will not be discarded. If you are really not confident buying any of the other suggestions here, iTunes vouchers are a generous and thoughtful gift.

Magazine Subscription
Here is a gift which keeps on giving. Buying them a year’s gift subscription to a music mag will give them a reminder of your festive generosity throughout the year. For Dance music fans there is Mixmag, heavy rockers are taken care of with Metal Hammer, Mojo focuses on rock and pop while Q magazine caters for music fans in general.

Band Merchandise
Let them show off their excellent taste in music by getting them a t-shirt or hoody of their favourite artist. Websites such as Grindstore.com and 8ball.com have a decent selection of all sorts of bands and artists.

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