Walk To School And Have An Adventure With Regatta #itsmyadventure

I was totally amazed to discover that according to recent research carried out by British clothing brand Regatta over a million British school children have never walked to school.  And over half of the parents that were spoken to, readily admitted that their kids do try to persuade them to walk to school with them, but the car usually wins due to ease and convenience. 

All those parents, Grandparents and kids are really missing out because even on a rainy day walking to school can be a lot of fun, just make sure you organise yourself the night before and invest in good quality waterproof clothing so that the cold and wet will not be a problem.

Regatta Marketing Director, Jo Hawkins commented:  “It’s incredibly sad to see the huge decline in kids walking to school, particularly with the knowledge that most children are more eager than ever to get out in the fresh air. Thinking back to my own childhood, I struggle to remember a time when I went to school in the car, which really goes to show how much things have changed over the years. At Regatta, our hope is that we can help equip parents and their families to be able to embrace the outdoors, and walk to school more often.”

Regatta have created a Walk to School Adventure Guide, which is available to download via the Regatta website and contains tips on how to make the most of the walk to school, as well as some tricks on speeding up the journey time without compromising on the fun factor. I know walking to school instead of taking the car can be more time consuming, especially if you have to also get to work on time but even if you try to do it once a week you will appreciate the benefits and the memories made along the way.

Some of the adventures that Regatta suggest you try on your walk to school include:
  • Mind The Cracks
  • Take A Detour
  • Create a Poem
  • Spot The Flowers
  • How Many? (Count objects, people & animals)
  • Puddle Jump.

I have always walked my four kids to school and I must admit it was quite the rush most mornings especially after having a new baby. Our primary school was a good twenty minute walk from our house, and walking home would sometimes take up to forty five minutes as the kids chatted with friends, hid in the bushes, pretended to be Power Rangers, jumped in puddles and collected everything they found along the way like conkers, unusual stones, pennies and anything else that took their interest. Sometimes the pockets of their school coats would be bulging with treasure. 

We always had an adventure on our walks to and from school and not just adventures, it was also the ideal time to talk to one another, practise spellings and times tables too. The benefit was not only good for the kids, I benefited too by keeping fit and making friends with the other Mums who also walked to school. Now that my kids are grown I look back at our walks to school with fond memories. Before you know it your kids are grown and you are craving those precious times all over again.

We are now very blessed to be  Grandparents and we can re-live some of the magic moments of childhood with our Granddaughter. Walking to school is just as fun as I remember and wearing our Regatta coats, boots, hats and gloves we remained exceptionally dry and cosy. Our Granddaughter really enjoyed 'puddle jump', counting objects and collecting items that she found during our walk, She remarked "Nanny, I didn't even get a tiny bit wet from the rain!"

Do you walk to school, if so do you use the time to play games, chat or make friends? If you drive would you consider leaving the car at home from time to time to walk the kids to school?

*Thanks to Regatta Clothing for sending us all coats, boots, gloves and hats. Our opinions are entirely our own.
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  1. They had a saying when we lived in Scandinavia that there was no such thing as bad weather, just poor clothing. This looks like the right kind of clothing to me! :) Hope all is well xx


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