Dress Up For Halloween With George At Asda

We totally love Halloween and we have always made a big effort to celebrate it. Over the years we have dressed up, thrown parties, attended spooky events, theme parks, gone trick or treating and basically had a blast. This year will be no different and we will all be dressing up and eagerly embracing the spooky fun.

I saw the new George at Asda Halloween TV advert the other day and loved it. The family turning up at their Friends front door wearing spooky fancy dress and all at the same time they blow up their 'wingflatables'. It made me giggle watching it, so much that I just couldn't wait to try them out for myself. My eldest Daughter has a Halloween party to go to and she loves her costume from George. The wings take 4 AA batteries and when you want them blown up you just hit the switch, then when you want them down they deflate quickly and effortlessly.

My fourteen year old Daughter picked a zombie costume from George and her favourite thing about it, is the 'Bloody Beating Heart' that she chose to go with it. Pop a couple of batteries in the back, strap it to your chest with the elastic provided, flick the switch and the heart lights up and beats. It looks really gross and the kids love it! It's pretty gruesome.

George at Asda have a great selection of Halloween products this year. We are really impressed, especially with the 'Wingflatables', they are such great value for money, ranging in price from £8 - £10 for kid & adult sizes. They really do give your costume a 'wow' factor. We love them! They also have loads of great decorations like a creepy light up crow, ghost lights and lots of other fun gory stuff.

*We were sent some Halloween products free of charge for the purpose of this review. Our opinions are entirely our own.
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