Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Gallery - World Photo Day

The Owl And The Girl

I'm such a photo addict and I'm often accused of being a little obsessive and excessive as I snap away, often taking ten shots of the same picture. The reason I take so many shots of the same photo is because of photos like this. I have ten of these photos but only one of the owl looking straight into my Granddaughters eyes. It tells me a story of curiosity, from both the owl and my Granddaughter. Both just as intrigued as the other.

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery


  1. lovely picture em really like that both of them seem to be enjoying the contact lol

  2. owls are fascinating, great wide eye!

  3. This is a lovely photo. My daughter loves owls.

  4. How beautiful! I know exactly what you mean, I take tons of photos to get those few great captures!

  5. That's a gorgeous moment and I totally understand the need of taking lots of photos (thank goodness for digital photography!).

  6. I take too many as well. You can't go back and capture a moment missed and this lovely shot is proof :)



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