Philips SpeedCare Steam Iron Review - The Steam Through Sundays Challenge

I must admit ironing is not my most favourite of household chores. I find it far too time consuming when I'd rather be outside doing something fun with the family, so when Philips set me a challenge to 'Steam though Sundays' by swapping my regular iron for a Philips SpeedCare, which would save me enough time to have a family day out on Sunday, I jumped at the chance to take part. I do love a good day out.  

The Philips SpeedCare, is a steam generator iron with a 1.2L water tank and maximum steam ready within 2 minutes, and it claims to cut your ironing time in half! How could I pass up on a challenge that could potentially give me more time to spend with the Family. Besides, I've never actually owned a steam generator before so I was keen to find out if they really are better than a regular iron.

The iron itself is attractive. Its main colour is purple which appeals to me and it is surprisingly light in weight, I expected it to be much heavier but it doesn't weigh much more than my old iron. To be honest the reason I have never bought a steam generator iron is because I thought it would be too big and bulky to store but it is actually quite compact and stores away neatly in my cleaning cupboard.

I really like:
  • Refill Anytime - I don't have to wait for the iron to cool before I can refill. A big time saver
  • Safety Lock - The iron has a safety lock on the main base which stops the iron moving off the base.
  • Calc Clean System -  Cleaning & descaling the iron is really easy with a light sound 'clean reminder' so no chance of any nasty scale stains on my clothes.
  • Steam Pressure - It has powerful steam pressure of 140g/min which means effortless decreasing.
  • Vertical Pressing - I can steam iron items that are hanging, great for my blazers and coats.
  • Steam Ready in Two - I love that it heats up for steam in two minutes. Great for my sewing projects which requires me to be back and forth on the iron.

Bottom Line - What Do I think? I love it and I will never go back to a regular iron again. I have ironed loads of stuff since receiving the Philips Speedcare, including a pair of long, heavy curtains which became crease free in no time and I found it particularly great when I ironed my sewing projects as I could have the iron set up all day and just flick the on/off button between cutting and sewing. Because the iron heats up so fast, it saved me lots of time. Big thumbs up from me!

What did I do with the time saved on ironing? Well, as my ironing sat neatly pressed it left me some spare time, so we spent the day in London with the Family visiting The London Bridge Experience & Tombs. Having lunch along my favourite spot on The Thames and spending quality time away from the ironing board was so much fun. The London Bridge Experience was not only really creepy (great for the teenagers) but interesting too, as we learnt all about the history of London Bridge and what life was like in London during the history of the bridge. My extra time saved from ironing was well spent and the kids loved our day trip.

The Philips Speedcare Steam Generator Iron is on special offer at Ideal World for £99.99

*We were sent a Philips SpeedCare Steam Iron free of charge for the purpose of this review. Our opinions are always honest & unbiased.
Philips SpeedCare Steam Iron Review - The Steam Through Sundays Challenge Philips SpeedCare Steam Iron Review - The Steam Through Sundays Challenge Reviewed by Emma@christmascupboard on Tuesday, August 26, 2014 Rating: 5

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  1. Wow I like the sound if this iron. I also hate ironing so would love to cut the time spent doing it although I think £100 for an iron is a bit out of our budget, my last iron cost £20. Love the idea of it though. :)


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