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As our hot summer begins to cool down, I wander around the garden and admire the blooms that are left. I still have a few Petunia's, Lobelia's and Geranium's in their pots, once looking so vibrant, they now look as though they are struggling to survive. The Sedums however, are thriving and so are my Japanese Anemones which tells me that Autumn is well on its way. I must admit I am enjoying the cooler weather

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  1. I am enjoying the cooler weather too :) Your Japanese Anemone is pretty, nice to see something thriving whilst most plants are thinking about calling it a day.

  2. Beautiful thriving autumn blossoms. A garden for all seasons?

  3. I too am relishing the cooler weather and dare I say it, the nights getting darker a bit earlier now , no more convincing the children that it really IS bedtime now it look like bedtime. I do love that Himalayan honeysuckle to bits, the colours are a nod to Autumn too, if for no other reason that it's the colour of my fave jumper!
    Thanks for joining in again - I do love a lookie in your garden!

  4. Lovely garden! Thanks for sharing the names - I am a bit of a newbie gardener having only had small courtyard gardens before, I have moved into a house with an established garden, and have no idea what half of it is - I think we may have Sedum, and it is lovely to see what still flowers this time of year :) #hdygg


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