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My eyes dart everywhere as I try my best to take in and absorb every single sight, sound and smell. There is so much going on and my senses are in total overdrive. I soak up the intoxicating atmosphere as I wander through Soul Park. Spa tents galore, I feel relaxed just looking inside. Women with flowers in their hair sit crossed legged, smiling warmly as I pass by. Quirky tea rooms invite me in and the smokey scent of a wood fired Pizza oven stop me in my tracks. I love this place.

The girls ask if they can colour their hair red and purple. They are feeling the chilled out festival vibe and desperately want to be part of it. Wacky hair and vibrant feathered eyelashes are perfectly acceptable here. I suddenly feel a little under dressed so I reach for my flower garland and loosely tie it around the crown of my head. 

The girls buy two cans of coloured hairspray from Phil the 'Shavemaster' and proceed to spray their shiny locks. Leaning against a big old oak tree, a golden Buddha sitting at its base, the girls grin proudly as they swish their new brightly coloured manes. I can tell that they too, love this place.

The theme this year is 'The Circus', and as I make my way past the magnificent Lulworth Castle, through pretty Church grounds towards the lower kids Garden, I spot a family of five all dressed exactly the same, wearing multicoloured, curly clown wigs. They look so fab and have huge smiles spread across right their faces. I struggle to take my eyes off them and wish we had thought to do that, in fact I'm really regretting not bringing any fancy dress. Big eyelashes will have to do for now.

We spend a good hour in Lego's Imagination Factory, this is our second visit. Quite the queue to get in, but worth the wait because the staff are so jolly and fun and we get to display our Lego creation on the wall of fame. Proud faces beam, Mums whip out their cameras and concentration is intense as Dads become nine again. We leave this crowded tent feeling happy. Very happy indeed.

Every which way I turn, kids are cartwheeling and hula hooping across my path. kids are kids again and so are the adults. I have never visited a place so child friendly before, so engaging, so stimulating. A toddler throws a tantrum, a massive wobbly and no-one bats an eyelid. No dirty looks or raised eyebrows. No need to feel panic stricken or embarrassed because it is so relaxed here, and there are so many distractions that the tantrum doesn't last that long anyway. Have I told you that I Love this place?

I feel my bones aching. I have been on my feet all day. I glance down and check my step counter. 15,000 steps already and it's only tea time. That is 7.5 miles! Glad I'm wearing comfy shoes. I'm suddenly taken aback by a beautiful bride as she rushes past me, white dress trailing wistfully behind her followed by a handsome groom wearing purple tails, a green top hat and a sunny daffodil poking out precariously from beneath. I rub my eyes unsure of what I am seeing. The couple giggle as they clasp their hands tightly together and head towards a giant inflatable church. At that moment I so want to get married again, but this time in an inflatable church. Maybe next year we could renew our vows. Oh yes, I could see us doing that!

We make our way over to Dingly Dell and the 50 Things Meadow. I gasp as I walk in. This is a special place. I am excited to explore. Instantly I feel connected to nature as I witness children making mud pies, listening to woodland stories, bird spotting, creating a clay wall and balancing on fallen tree trunks. I'm in Heaven. This is where we will spend a lot of our time over the weekend. It oozes magic and curiosity. I feel inspired to build a mud kitchen in my back garden when I get home.

As I enter the National Trusts '50 Things Meadow' I am handed a booklet '50 things to do before you’re 11¾' I immediately know that I will like what I see inside. There are kids climbing a big tree with ropes, building proper dens with tree branches and making grass trumpets. I feel so nostalgic and I am overwhelmed with memories of my own carefree, adventurous childhood. This is our favourite place at Camp Bestival and we come here a lot.

As the evening descends we return to the woods and Dingly Dell. Project Wild Thing are hosting 'The Bat Game'. These guys are so passionate about nature and encouraging us all to get outside more, that you just can not help but be infected by them. As they educate us all about bats, I glance over at our eight year old Granddaughter who can not steal her eyes away from the organiser, her smile broad, She is hanging on to his every word. Seriously we love these guys.

That night we fall into our sleeping bags totally exhausted and after toasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate, we discuss the days events. We decide that the bat game features pretty highly on our 'best bits' list and so does the Lego tent. We talk about the acts we watched that day, but you will have to pop back on Monday to read all about 'Who we saw at Camp Bestival'.

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  1. It all sounds so amazing and it's hard not to smile while reading about your adventure. Can't wait for the next instalment xx

  2. love the excitement in this post, your enthusiasm brims out of the post. I think I walked past you - am sorry I didn't appreciate it was you. Camp Bestival is the best, also love the Dingley dell, think it is my most fave thing.

    1. Oh wow, you should have nudged me! I would love to have met you. Dingly Dell really was special wasn't it xxx

  3. Hellooooo!!! Lovely pics of my area "lizzies way" in the dingly dell! I would love a mention! Hope to see you this year . Lots of love xxx




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