Monday, 11 August 2014

Camp Bestival - The Acts We Loved!

I literally nearly peed my pants when I realised that Chas & Dave would be appearing at Camp Bestival 2014. I was so excited. I queued at the front of the Castle stage for two hours, in the scorching hot sun, determined to secure a spot right on the front row. I just had to be right up there, smack bang in the middle of all the other fans, cheering on our old skool heroes. Having never seen them live before I was a little worried that they wouldn't be as good as the hype, or as good as they used to be on 'Top of the Pops'. Would I walk away disappointed?

Hell No! I cried as they walked onto the stage. Yes, I cried watching Chas & Dave. I felt daft, but I was so overwhelmed by the crowd going crazy. Memories came rushing back of my childhood, teenage years, family life, every party I have ever been to. Good times and sad times. The crowd wanted more, and begged them for 'One More Song!' and if Chas & Dave had their way we would have got more, but alas, it wasn't to be and they were ushered off stage, their time up. I cried again.

While we were waiting for Chas & Dave we watched 'Indiana' and 'Beans On Toast'. Indiana is completely gorgeous with an awesome voice. I'll be honest we had never really noticed her before Camp Bestival, but now we are huge fans. She really impressed us with her haunting, 80's vibe, her rock chic image and we enjoyed her whole set, especially her new track 'Heart On Fire', plus 'Mess Around' and 'Solo Dancing'. Well worth checking out Indiana on You Tube.

'Beans On Toast' was hilarious. A little 'too adult' for younger ears, but to be fair to him, his slot was moved from his later Big Top slot to an early afternoon main stage set.  He covered it well and proved to be extremely entertaining. Truth be told, I could have quite happily watched him all day long. I loved that he run a workshop earlier with a group of teenagers, who he named 'The Unicorns' and invited them all up on stage with him to perform a song they had written together. Very cool and boy they were good! What a character! We love Beans On Toast. He was definitely a highlight.

Another highlight for us were 'The West End Kids'. On the Saturday we had enjoyed a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious dance lesson with them, which was so much fun that our Granddaughter decided she just had to stalk them as they performed at various times over the weekend. We watched them on the Castle stage performing a set from the movie 'Pitch Perfect' and they were fabulous. They turned out to be so entertaining that she has decided to class them as her favourite act of the weekend. The dance workshop was a thrilling experience for her, an experience I know she will never forget. You can follow WEK on Twitter here. Give them a wave they are a friendly bunch.

Other acts we enjoyed were Courtney Pine, The Lips Choir, Sophie Ellis Bexter and Basement Jaxx. Only two words for Basement Jaxx - Mind Blowing! And the finale fireworks were like nothing I have ever seen before. Breathtaking!

On the last night we were sitting in the wooded Dingly Dell, as the sun set over Camp Bestival, bunting gently flapping in the breeze, children playing, tired parents were silent, while the haunting voice of Sinead O Connor echoed across the meadow, and as she belted out 'Nothing compares To You' I realised that this was truly one of the most magical experiences of my life.

At Camp Bestival I promise you that you will be so exhausted that you could actually sleep standing in the queue for chips. Every bone and muscle in your body will ache from rough sleeping and walking ten miles every day. You will crave your bed, a hot shower and a clean loo. You will laugh, cry and dance - probably all at the same time. You will have moments when you question whether you will get through another night, but I also promise you that you will leave on Monday morning knowing that you have just experienced one of the most amazing weekends of your lifetime.

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*We are offical Camp Bestival Bloggers 2014 and were provided with complimentary tickets for the family for review purposes. Our opinions are honest & entirely our own.

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  1. That sounds so great, I think I would have been exactly the same seeing Chas n Dave as I have so many childhood memories attached to their music x



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