Thursday, 17 July 2014

Summer On A Budget With the Kids

So the summer holidays are upon us and we are starting to plan our summer activities with the kids. When my four were small the summer holidays had to be done on a budget because having a brood in tow can end up costing a small fortune. We would plan at least one 'BIG' day out for the summer that we would save for, like a theme park, trip into London or the zoo but most of our amusement for the holidays was free or cost next to nothing. Here are a few ideas for summer activities on a budget.

1. Crab Fishing - All you need is a bucket, a net, a crab line and some bacon or ham. I have never known a kid not to like crab fishing. Even if they are a little spooked by the crabs, they still like to watch and join in. We have wasted many hours crabbing, it's great fun and free to do.

2. Look For A Sunset - Head for the coast if you can or even the top of a hill somewhere and watch the sun setting. Its a really relaxing activity and makes for some super photo's. Maybe take a flask of hot chocolate with you and totally chillax.

3. Picnic In The Park - When my lot were small I would pack a huge bag, like a big Ikea bag and fill it with a blanket, a ball, a rounders bat, tennis ball & rackets and loads of food and drink and head to a country park. We would stay there all day long while the kids run wild, then by around 6pm they were all totally knackered. I'd get them home, feed them dinner and by 8pm they would be in bed, soundo!

4. Rockpooling - Another family favourite. If you can get to a coastline that has safe rockpools then this is a must do free activity. The kids (and even the teenagers) love this because it can become a bit of a competition to see who can find the most wildlife. Loads can be found like tiny fishes, baby crabs, mollusks and shells. Go at low tide with a bucket and carefully use your hands or a net (don't leave it behind as they can damage the ecosystem) to catch your sea life. Be gentle and carefully return whatever you catch.

5. Nature Hunt - Make a list of things to collect like certain leaves, tree's, pieces of bark, acorns, certain birds, spiders web, insects, squirrel, mushrooms, berries etc. You can even find free scavenger hunt printables online.

5. Festivals & Carnivals - Look online for local free festivals & Carnivals. These can be a great way to pass a morning, afternoon or in some cases a whole weekend. They usually have loads of free activities for the kids to try, free shows, music and interesting people.

6. Build a go-cart - Kids rarely do this anymore but its a great way to teach kids how to re-use and recycle stuff that gets thrown out. Spend a few weeks collecting stuff for your go-cart like old wheels, wood, baskets, rope, steering wheel, handlebars etc. Look online for ideas for homemade go-carts and get creative.

7. Camping in the garden - Set up camp in the back garden, its free and the kids love it. A cheap tent will do, you can pick up a small 2 x man tent from about £12 if you shop about. It keeps the kids occupied in the garden all day as they set up camp. Spend some time making the garden a fun place to be, you wont regret it.

Have a great Summer!

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  1. i love all these tips Mama, we like to do similar things and as you say you do not need to spend much money with kids because lots you can do so many things for little or no money.
    thanks for allowing me to use this in my carnival post (live from the 12th) x



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