Monday, 2 June 2014

28 Day Juice Fast - The First 7 Days

I can't quite believe that I am writing this post, but for the past eleven days days I haven't eaten a thing, all I have consumed is freshly juiced fruit & vegetables, water and coconut water. "Why???" I hear you ask, "Don't you miss chewing? What about your calcium & protein? What happens when you start eating again?" The same questions I asked at first. Yes, you do miss chewing at first, but you soon get over it. There is loads of Calcium & protein in fruits & veggies, plus you can add Hemp protein powder to your juices if you wish. As for eating again, you ease yourself back in with a transition and continue with a healthy diet, as hopefully juice fasting will reboot your taste buds and cravings.

Anyway, Hubby had booked our flights to Spain for our summer holiday and I suddenly felt completely panic stricken. Desperate to lose a few stone before we go I wrote a facebook status about going on a meal replacement diet for the next few months. One of my oldest and dearest Friends commented on that status, telling me she had found something amazing, that worked...Juice Fasting.

Initially, I thought there is absolutely no way that my willpower is strong enough for something like that. Then another lovely Friend commented "Reboot With Joe!" I was baffled, What the hell is Reboot with Joe? Then she told me to watch 'Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead', which I did and it is one of the most inspiring films that I have ever watched. It is all about an Aussie business man, Joe Cross who was fat, sick and nearly dead. He travelled across America on a 60 day juice fast, losing 100lb and as a result was able to ditch his meds. I was amazed!

I want some of that. I want to detox, I want to lose weight, I want to get off my blood pressure tablets, I want a clean body inside and out. So I went straight out and bought his book and a juicer.

This is my experience of my first seven days juice fasting. I can honestly say it is one of the hardest things I've ever done and as I continue my detox journey I'm so Thankful that I found juicing and Joe Cross.

Day One
I'm really worried about how I'm going to cope without coffee for 28 days. I get so cranky without my caffeine fix, so I'm really not convinced I will be able to do this. I drink warm water with freshly juiced lemon & ginger instead and I am flabbergasted by it's affect on me. I feel so energised and I've cleaned the house from top to bottom, even sorted the sock drawer. I go for a long walk along the river and notice my nose is absolutely streaming, apparently it's a side affect of the detox. I keep peeing too, like every 30 minutes. All the toxins want to get out.

I managed to cope well with the Family heating up soup for their lunch, the smell did make my mouth water but I remained determined not to give in. I know this first three days are going to be really tough. I've prepared myself for that. 

After lunch I suddenly feel really chilly and sleepy, almost a little lightheaded so I take a nap. For the rest of the day I feel very hungry, my energy has faded and my willpower is being tested. I have an early night.

Day Two
I had a restful sleep. I don't feel as energetic as yesterday but I am determined to see this through. I don't actually miss coffee as much as I thought I would, the ginger really helps. I feel really unwell today, like I have the flu. I'm struggling and I so want to eat something. I actually feel more hungry than I have ever felt in my life. I know from my research that this is completely normal, so I spend the day on the sofa, under my blanket, watching the Nashville boxset. Today was a bad day so went to bed at 9pm.

Day Three
Slept in until 9.30am which is unusual for me, but I wake feeling really chilled out and I feel much better than I did yesterday. By the afternoon I feel fantastic and I even cope with the smell of the Family Sunday roast cooking. I start to flag in the afternoon so I have an apple & ginger shot which picks me up.

Day Four
Feeling great, I'm so glad I stuck with those first awful few days. I feel really energetic so attempt a river walk. I come over dizzy, s head home. My water bottle has become my new best friend, it goes everywhere with me. It helps with the hunger cravings. The rest of the day I take it easy.

Day Five  
Woke up with lower back pain which had kept me awake most of the night. I research and think it might be toxins still trying to get out so I up my water and drink a carton of coconut water hoping it will relieve the pain. I feel great all day. My stomach has shrunk, my double chin is disappearing, my skin feels like silk and I've lost half a stone already. I'm still craving junk food but I'm also looking up healthy recipes for when the fast is over.

Day Six
The lower back pain is excruciating so I ask for advice on the fabulous facebook page 'Thirst For Nature'. Someone suggests that it could be my body changing shape as I detox and lose weight and that maybe I should try some yoga. Later on that day I decide to do some Callenetic stretches that I remember from years ago. One stretch really stretches my lower back and I feel a click. Honest to God, it worked, the back pain eased!

Day Seven
The back pain is mild now, nowhere near as painful. I feel relieved. I'm no longer hungry even though I'm still craving junk. All I can think about is chip butties and I would kill for a fishfinger sarnie but I know I wont eat that stuff once the fast is over, because I crave a new way of eating. 

I feel so grateful that my two friends introduced me to juicing. I am now on day eleven and the weight is just falling off me. I'm energised and I have none of the old guilty feelings about the junk I was eating before. Cheers!

  • My juicer is an Andrew James = £35.00 from and ebay shop or £39.99 on Amazon.
  • Watch - 'Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead' & Jason Vale's 'Superjuice Me'
  • Buy - Reboot with Joe by Joe Cross or a Jason Vale book.
  • Join a Facebook support group - I joined 'Thirst For Nature' which is great.
  • Golden delicious apples are the best for juicing.
  • Ginger & Apple shots are a natural Red Bull.
  • If you struggle with a certain ingredient (mine is celery) then replace it with something else or just leave it out.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • If you go out, take a flask of juice. Stainless steel flasks are best as they don't leave a plastic taste. Tesco Direct have some for less than a fiver. 
  • Stay strong, Remain positive. You are healing your body after years of Toxic abuse!

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  1. Thank you for this Emma, just about to start and will use this to know what to expect! xx

    1. Good Luck Karla! Give me a shout if you need any help xxx

  2. I've just failed totally. My main issue is the cost of juicing, even though I get the fruit and veg from the market. Money is a huge issue and a major cause of stress, as is my weight, and I binge when stressed grrr. This is my third attempt at juicing. Each time I spend the cash then stress because I'm so broke. I'm so cross at myself xx

    1. Yes, The extra cost of juicing is a problem. My grocery bill is up by atleast £50 per week. But I figure I'm only doing it for a few weeks and have spent less on evening treats and takeaways etc so it nearly evens out a bit, Me & Hubby would spend a fiver a night on junk before I started the fast xxx

  3. sounds good em I have jason Vales book 5 pound in 5 days which is the juice detox as well. I may do it to detox after the holiday. Good luck you can do it, but remember no matter what you weigh you are still beautiful xxx

  4. Oh my God so inspired to see this. I have his book and have done nothing with it. Even got it on his UK book tour launch so it is autographed xx

    1. Oh Wow, I am in awe of the man after watching his film. Fab fella, he has changed so many peoples lives and probably saved quite a few too xxx

  5. Well done you for trying this, and it is great to actually hear from somebody who is following the juice fast who has a busy life as in a family to look after/educate aswell. I have heard of people doing this before but they seem to do little or nothing or as in the documentary Joe did, go away for a fortnight so as to be able to relax. You have given me hope that it is doable at home and with a family. Please do keep posting as to how you got on. I watched the fat sick and nearly dead and found myself in tears after watching only to find out that I had the same autoimmune as him but it went onto another one and another one along with diabetes. I have masses of weight to lose too and medication but you have inspired me. I think I will look at a slot of 2 weeks in the summer and try to get myself well organised before with family meals sorted for everybody else that take little time. I already have a juicer and find more energised just having juice throughout the day. I always make up a big bottle so as to avoid washing out the juicer constantly. Well done you, juice fast here I come.

  6. Forgot to say I just got mysef the am/pm callanetics dvd I followed this years ago when young and slim and it was amazing at shaping up but I remembered it was good for backs and knees both of which have been giving me pain recently. All of the old callanetic videos have been put onto dvd's now if anybody is interested.

    1. The Key is to be well organised especially with the dinner for the Family while you are fasting. It is really hard to cook for long in the first few days so make sure you have meals for them that you can just pop in the oven. I loved Callenetics years ago too, it gave me a lovely body shae when I did it regular. I'm really interested to know they are now on DVD. Let me know how you get on with fasting and join the FB group Thirst for Nature, it is very supportive xxx

  7. Well done you, I want to give this a go, but perhaps for not so long as you - what is the minimum amount of time you can do before the benefits kick in?? I was thinking just three days - is this enough?

    1. 3 days is beneficial to the body, the longer you manage to do the more your body repairs xxx

  8. Thanks for linking this up with the Health Hop - I have never heard of this. My I would miss my carbs! I do need to juice though - very inspiring.

  9. Well done on already make great willpower is appalling but I can't make drastic changes anyway at the moment so doing a slow and steady regime...can't wait to get some energy back! :)

  10. Fantastic post Emma. This is really going to keep me going and spurred on know that what I am feeling is natural :)

    1. Keep with it Victoria, you will feel so chuffed with yourself once you finish the detox. It gave me a new lease of life. Glad my post is useful xxx



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