Friday, 16 May 2014

Zoflora Review

I remember when I first got married, nearly twenty five years ago my Mum gave me a few worldly words of wisdom and one of them was to use Zoflora disinfectant. And I did for quite a few years and for some reason I just stopped buying it. I have no idea why, it was just something I stopped buying so I was delighted to review some recently because it reminded how fab this stuff is.

It comes in a tiny bottle in a tiny box and if you have never used it before you might look at it and think to yourself that it can't be much cop. But, I swear to you it is fantastic stuff. Super concentrated, you only need a capful in your bucket of water and it cleans (and smells) like magic.

My Son, who is in his twenties has his own place and recently he came round, rooting through my cleaning cupboard for something to clean his kitchen floor "Mum can I use this little bottle of stuff???" He shouted as he waved around my half used bottle of Zoflora. Reluctantly, I parted with it with strict instructions that it is super concentrated. That evening he called me up "Mum, that stuff is wicked!" "I only needed a tiny bit and now my kitchen smells the best it ever has!!!" Let me tell you, that takes some work.

So just as my Mum converted me to Zoflora, I have my Son. Great stuff, You really should give it a go!

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