Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Thrifty Fashion - Bleach Your Jeans

My teenage Daughter loves fashion and is a keen upcycler. As a Fashion student she likes to re-fashion old clothes, just like me she would prefer to think of a way to reuse an item of clothing rather than throw it away, so when she got bored of her old jeans she decided to bleach them. Bleaching denim is so easy and it can completely change the look of your garment.

The best place to bleach your jeans is out in the garden on a dry day. The fumes from the bleaching can be pretty strong so make sure wherever you do it, is in a well ventilated area. We hung our jeans on a cane that was hooked up and sprayed the jeans with a regular kitchen cleaner that contains bleach. Just keep spraying until you get the desired affect. 

Be very careful not to get any bleach on your skin because it burns, so wash it off immediately should you end up with any residue on any part of your body. Also wear something really old when doing this in case you get bleach on your clothes. Leave to dry then wash in the washing machine on their own. After drying they are ready to wear. Easy Peasy!

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