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#Win The Vamps Last Night CD Bundle!

***WINNER PICKED - Sophie Cunningham***

x Thanks to everyone who entered and look out for more giveaways coming on the blog soon x

My fourteen year old Daughter was lucky enough to have met her favourite boy band The Vamps earlier this year. It was the highlight of her life. Today she has written a guest post called 'The Day I Met The Vamps' and is also hosting her very own Vamps giveaway for all you Vampettes.

The Day I Met The Vamps
The Best Day Of My Life! 
By C. J 

When I found out in January about The Vamps doing a meet and greet at HMV near me I did everything I could to try and get hold of tickets. I went on the website, signed up and luckily I got hold of a ticket for me and my friend, We were over the moon. 

That night my friend stayed over because the meet and greet was the next day. I couldn't sleep but she some how could! We woke up at 7am due to our alarms going off and we quickly got ready, packing a bag with our lunch, hats and scarves. We ate breakfast and got the 9am bus. It was only a 40 minute journey and the meet and greet wasn't until 4pm so we had a lot of time to kill. When we arrived we walked around and checked out the stalls that were out. We messed around and just looked in every single shop. 

We finally got really bored around lunch time so we decided to go into McDonald's and eat some food and while we were in there we saw a few fans walk past, who also had tickets. Some had their wrist bands on so we quickly put our food away and went back outside to ask about the wrist bands. They kindly told us how to get them, so we walked into HMV and swapped our e-tickets for 2 wrist bands. 

We were now getting really excited. We looked in HMV for a bit at the CDs and bought one of the Wild Heart Cds. Time soon passed and it was now 2pm and people started to line up. We managed to get right at the front of the queue. There was around 10 of us so far and at first we queued inside of HMV, but then the security came and took us outside. Very soon more and more fans turned up, some left school early to be there, but because I'm home schooled I could be there all day. We had to wait a long - 2 hours outside and it was really cold and boring.

Every time a car went passed everyone screamed and got excited thinking The Vamps had arrived. At 4:10pm we finally went inside HMV and waited another 10 minutes. We thought that this meet and greet was only for James and Tristan as Connor and Brad where doing one in Reading. But Brad was sick so Connor came along to our meet and greet with James and Tristan. No one knew that so it was a brilliant surprise. They came through the door one by one and the girls screamed. I started shaking and felt sick. The girls in front got their photos and then it was now my turn. I slowly walked over and asked James if I could stand next to him and Connor and Tristan pretended to be upset. As I was having my photo taken, Connor told me he liked my phone case. I nervously managed to say "Thanks". As I went to get my Phone Connor called me 'awesome'. I was really happy.

Me and my friend walked away and as soon as we got outside we screamed, She cried and we phoned
my parents. We had an hour wait for the bus so we got to rest as we was on our feet all day. The bus came and we went home and got into bed. I still cant believe I met three members of The Vamps. It was the best day of my life. Seriously!


I accidently ordered an extra Vamps Last Night CD bundle so I thought a fellow Vampette might like to try and win it. All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning this excellent bundle is leave a comment on this blog post telling me why you would like to win. For an extra chance of winning Tweet ' I Want To Win The Vamps Last Night Bundle With @itscourtneyrawr and @mamamakes #thevamps here ' 

Its as simple as that. Then I will put all your names in a hat and pick a lucky winner. Open to UK residents only! Sorry overseas fans, but postage is a bit pricey and I'm paying it out of my pocket money.  

Dont forget to leave your Twitter ID or email address in your comment so I can contact you if you win.
Giveaway Ends Friday 12th April

Good Luck!


  1. Please I really want to win this. I have been supporting The Vamps for a very long time and even saw them live. However, I don't have any merchandise or CDS cause my parents like getting them online. Please xx - Elyza (EY_1D_13)

  2. i would really love to win because I have listened the vamps every since they started on youtube and i was meant to go to the same meet and greet as you but instead I wasn't aloud so my sister went instead i cried for weeks, but i really feel without the vamps I wouldn't be here as i think they are the only people keeping me alive, it would be great to win though and have some memories of the boys, plus my mum and dad hate them so they wont let me buy any of their stuff :(

  3. I would like to win as I love the vamps but I dont have any of their cds only ones on my phone xxx

  4. I really want this as my parents refused to let me go to their meet and greet and they wont let me go to one of thet concerts as its 'too expensive'. I really want this as i love The Vamps ssoo much. Please..... 😊 x

  5. I wud luv to win this becuase I'm a really supportive and dedicated fan of the vamps, the music they make helps me get through my day and puts a smile on my face when I'm feeling down. I've never seen/met them or hav any merchandice cuz my fam cnt afford it, its a lil expensive. Winning this would meany a lot to me! c; -Faiza (twitter- @fizzybones) Thank you X

  6. This would mean the world to me because who dissent want this and I love the vamps sooo so so much!
    * I have loved the vamps since I heard them, I have never left the fandom since!
    * I love the Vamps so much no words can describe it!
    * My parents wouldn't buy me this because they wouldn't let me!
    * Like you I am going to meet the vamps sooo so soon and I just am gonna die ! It would be a great surprise if I won! I will definetly feel the same as you when I meet them ! I will literally break down (in a good way) when I meet my babies!
    * I just would die if I won this because I love the last night single and I really need this!
    * I don't have much merchandise of the vamps so I just would love this !
    - Rachel G { Twitter - giraffe_tashe13 }

    If you read all of this I love you ! Xxxxx



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