Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Thrifty Garden - Geranium Plug Plants

I love Geraniums and I like my garden to have lots of them during the summer months. They are perfect for gardeners who may not be very confident in the garden, as they are really robust and not that easy to kill off. If you take good care of them then they will give you a glorious display all summer long.

Geraniums usually cost around £2 each from garden centres, but if like me you want lots the price soon adds up and before you know it you have spent £20 - £30. A much cheaper way to have lots of geraniums is of course to grow them from seed/cuttings or you can buy plug plants. Plug plants are great because they have already been started off for you. All you need to do is re-pot them until they have grown a bit larger then you can add them to your borders, baskets and displays.

Plug plants are tiny versions of the bigger plants that you usually buy at the garden centre and varieties sold in this way often include Fuchsias, Bacopa, Surfinia, Million Bells, Diascia and Geraniums. They are really easy to transplant and are so much cheaper, you can purchase them for as little as 8p per plant. 

Fill some pots with compost, pop the plugs out of their cells (you can use a pencil poked through the hole at the bottom of the plastic cell to push the plugs out) and then you simply plant them. This is the ideal time of year to transplant your plugs because it gives them plenty of time to grow. I don't put mine directly out in to the garden just yet though as it is a bit too chilly for them. I leave them in the summer house or you could leave them on a window sill until the weather warms up a bit.

Once these stand around 6 -8 inches tall I will add them to bigger pots and baskets for a gorgeous summer display. A must have plant for any garden. What are your must haves for a summer display?


  1. I'm all for lots of geraniums too and these will save a fortune!

  2. I love geraniums too, they are fab for the summer as they don't need too much water which is always a bonus of you're on a water meter!

  3. That's a really clever idea, and very cost effective. Now's the time to start thinking about these things! X

  4. They are so cheerful, i love them!



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