Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Reason To Believe

There is no Gallery this week instead Tara has teamed up with Coca-Cola UK to find a photo that inspires and gives us a reason to believe. She tells us "I’ve teamed up with Coca-Cola UK to find these photos; to find your Reasons to Believe. The brand is championing positivity through their new Reasons to Believe advert which highlights that despite all the negatively we see day to day, there is still more good than bad in the world."

Mum had been gone for two years. I missed her. I yearned to hear her voice, to pick up the phone and dial her number. That aching, gut wrenching feeling was getting stronger by the day and I was absolutely convinced that I would never feel 'normal' again. But then we moved to Appledore and it changed my life forever.

This stunning part of the country welcomed me with big, warm open arms. I felt calm for the first time since I had lost Mum. As I surveyed the surrounding rolling hills, clear blue sea and the constantly changing skies, I was mesmerised by its beauty. I looked out to sea and an inner peace enveloped me. At that moment I knew everything would be ok, that I would be ok. Mum would never leave me, she was in the air that I breathe, her guiding soul always standing beside me, a gentle breeze whispering "I Love You, I Am With You, Be Strong, Be happy". I suddenly had reason to believe.


  1. Ah that's sweet . It's funny how a song can trigger memories or even a smell xxxxx

  2. What a fabulous photo; I read your post and thought yep, that photo sums it up perfectly x

  3. Oh Emma, what a beautiful post. Very moving. xx

  4. Lovely post. And lovely to see your lovely Luna in the photo too.

  5. What a gorgeous post... So beautiful that you feel your Mum's presence, you were meant to move there. I hope you haven't been effected by the recent flooding though, living near the sea.X

    1. Aww, Yeah Mum is always with me. I've moved from North Devon now, in Essex near our Granddaughter, still by water though (no flooding here, touch wood) xxx



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