Monday, 20 January 2014

Choosing A New Sofa With Willow & Hall

The Somerton Sofa

Close your eyes and imagine the comforts of home, what do you think of? Your comfy bed, soft cushions, snug throws, or your feet up in front of the TV with a nice cuppa as you relax on your sofa? The sofa wins hands down for me, and ideally we could do with a new one as our cushions are now a bit lumpy and old. As I look around online, I take a peek at what Willow & Hall have to offer.

Willow & Hall products are all handmade in the UK (Wiltshire to be precise). Their team of craftsmen have over 35 years experience making high quality furniture. Everything is made to order meaning none of their items are sat around for weeks on end gathering dust. They are so super confident about the quality of their furniture, that they offer a 5 year wood frame guarantee on all sofas, sofa beds and armchairs.

The Burstow Sofa

Their sofas are gorgeous, all quite neutral which proves popular with customers as they offer so much flexibility in terms of cushions and placement for different styles & tastes. You can order up to eight fabric swatches for free, so you can get a real feel for the quality of the fabrics before you buy. Available on the Willow & Hall free swatches page.

The Westowe Sofa

I'm always attracted to furniture that has a vintage or retro look to it and my favourite sofa on the Willow & Hall website is the Dunsmore sofa. I love it's art deco style, big rounded arms and chunky wooden legs. I have a real thing for the colour olive at the moment so I would pick the sofa in Olive linen cotton. It would look great with grey cushions and throws. I can just imagine chilling out on that sofa watching Corrie on the TV, in front of the fire. Totally and utterly enjoying the comforts of home.

The Dunsmore Sofa

What Do You look For In A New Sofa?

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