Friday, 8 November 2013

Life Lessons Learned - Listograpghy

Totally thrilled to see Kate's Listography back. It's a fab linky and it is kick starting with a subject very close to my heart as over the past ten years (probably like most of us) I have learnt some really painful life lessons.

1. Live For Today - During my Mum's last days seven years ago, she told me she had a few regrets. Her main one being, that she spent too much time working and not enough time with her Grandchildren. You see, she was working so hard trying to pay off her mortgage so she could retire and spend that missed time with her Grandkids, but she never got to do it. The pain and regret in her eyes was unbearable, as she told me to always live for today and not worry about tomorrow. Mum's wise words changed my life.

2. Watch Who You Trust - This has been a hard lesson for me to learn. Over the years certain people who I thought would always have my back turned out to be only interested in themselves and what they can get their grubby little hands on. Sounds harsh I know, but it's been a lot of people, not just one or two and I've been totally devastated by the actions of family & friends who I genuinely thought cared about me and my Family. I find it very hard to trust anyone these days.

3. Fight To Be Yourself - I no longer feel hurt when people snigger because I like to be creative, because I like to write, crochet, sew or tend to the garden. I no longer care what people think about the way I like to dress or how many more tattoo's I will get. I no longer make excuses for the way I live my life. Why should I, I love what I do. So what, if I'm different from you. So what if my opinions and hobbies are different from yours. So bloody what! I'm not perfect, but neither are you.

4. Speak Your Mind - Go, on...Do it! It is truly liberating. I used to hold back, bite my tongue, let people walk all over me. Not anymore, Hell No! I fight my corner and I stand strong for what I believe. Tell them exactly how it is and take no s**t!

5. Appreciate The Genuine People In Your Life -  There will be genuine people in your life. They will be loving, giving, caring, loyal people. Appreciate them, love them, support them, treasure them, adore them, fight for them. Never ever take them for granted. They will always have your back.


  1. What a wonderful post - your words are so true and so very empowering. Your mum's words brought a tear to my eye. I feel so sad that she felt that way, but what a legacy to leave knowing that her daughter won't do the same. xx

  2. So very true, what a great list. I have also learned these same lessons over the last four years, mainly thanks to your Mum. I'm haven't quite managed no. 4 yet, I'm learning to write my mind but rarely speak my mind but I'm working on it :-) x

  3. You crochet? Really? Wow!

    Just kidding. Great list, especially as it's clearly been shaped by your own experiences rather than swallowing someone else's mumbo jumbo. I see now why you appreciated the "tomorrow comes sooner than you think!". Thanks for letting us into your list.

  4. Wise words, Mama, thanks for sharing! As a teacher, I think no. 4 is so important, and am always telling my girls to be true to themselves, and explore their own identity.

  5. Wise life lessons. And the one taught to you by your mum is so sad, and thought provoking. I am guilty of being too busy for my kids; I must take more notice of the here and now!

    I'm glad you no longer care what people think. From what I can see visiting your blog for the first time here you seem really cool! Tattoos, crochet and chickens? I love it, and will be back!

  6. Fantastic list, I agree with all of it. And your Mum's words were very wise indeed... xx

  7. That's a great list.... so much wisdom in your words. One of the great things about ageing, you tend to give less of a sh*t about what others think, start to live your life more authentically. Love the Monroe quote, and of course, your mum's words. X

  8. So sorry I am so late lovely. Your first one brings a tear to my eye - the best advice. And I'm sorry about number 2 - it's sad that we have to learn the hard lessons sometimes. x



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