Friday, 22 November 2013

How to Help Keep the Santa Claus Magic Alive

There comes a time when your children start having doubts about Santa – it’s inevitable. Whether it’s because of older/doubtful children in the playground, an older sibling telling them or just because they have an inquisitive mind, they won’t believe in the big man forever. That doesn’t mean that you can’t keep the magic alive for as long as possible, though. Every child is different and every parent’s opinion of the make-believe Santa stories can vary but most feel that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with injecting a little extra magic into a little one’s Christmas by making Santa as real as they possibly can. 
One day, your child may spot you heading to your car to bring in some wrapped gifts, or will wait up to see “Santa” only to see their dad bringing a bike or an Imaginext Castle out of the cupboard, but does that mean all the magic should stop? 

For most children, they will usually become a little sceptical about Santa by the time they are seven or eight years old, but until then (and afterwards, if you like!), there’s no harm in keeping the magic alive. Here are some ideas how: 


  • Photoshop a picture of Santa Claus onto a photograph of your house. Perhaps a sleigh on the roof? If you don’t have the skills for Photoshop, you can use a website to do the hard work for you.
  • Fake some ash footprints around the fireplace so that it looks like Santa has popped down the chimney. Make sure you clean your slippers or boots afterwards though so you don’t leave any evidence behind!
  • Use fairy dust or glitter to leave a little bit of Christmas sparkle behind – a great idea if you don’t have a chimney, implying that Santa Claus used the back door.
  • Make an envelope entitled “Santa’s Key” so that the children don’t question how he got in if you don’t have a chimney.
  • It’s a traditional one, but biting a chunk out of the carrot, leaving some crumbs from the mince pie and drinking the sherry will make it look like he has, indeed, been to visit.
  • If you have the access without your kids spotting you, go into the loft and walk about a little. Jingle a bell so it sounds like Santa’s sleigh!
  • Ask older siblings to play along with it so that they don’t ruin it for the younger ones.

Make the magic of Santa Claus last for as long as you can; they’re not children forever! Even after they don’t believe, you can still ensure the magic of Christmas never ends. 



  1. The Elf on the Shelf worked a treat with my eldest last year. She has started to question these things. But. When the elf started mysteriously moving from one room to another it totally re ignited her imagination. Was awesome to watch!!

  2. Love all of these ideas - my eldest is three now and really starting to get into the magic of Christmas :)

  3. Some great tips there! Going to an international school with lots of different cultures,the "is there a Father Christmas" question is beginning to pop up. I have told them that people who don't believe don't get any presents. That seems to have done the trick! :D x



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