Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Guest Post - Things To Do During Your Commute

Recent research shows that commuters spend an average of 37 minutes each way on their daily commute to work. During that time, 70% of people use a tablet or smartphone for more than 20 minutes. Many may just be killing time as they make their way to the office, but there are other more worthwhile things you can be using your tech for on your journey.
Learn a language - Lots of people want to learn a language but feel like they don't have time, so why not incorporate this into your daily commute? Prestigious language software like Rosetta Stone is available for tablet and smartphone, and there are plenty of apps at a range of prices to help you get to grips with the language of your choice.
Explore new ideas - Earlier this year Apple announced that more than one billion people were subscribed to podcasts though iTunes. There's a huge variety of topics to explore each day, depending on your interests or even your mood. If you're keen to hone in on the pick of the pack, you might want to consider a podcast app to help you find your new favourite show, or just check out a good list of top examples.
Watch something exciting - As traditional media adapts to suit our increasingly mobile tech, a wealth of content has now been made available on smartphones and tablets. The big players in subscription and pay-per-view film and TV all offer mobile services, so you can stay up to date with the next big cultural phenomenon, and even tweet along with other fans as soon as the show comes out. If you're interested in streaming something different, there are loads of mobile channels developing independently in the app stores or on recognised platforms like YouTube. Events like TED talks are also a great way to absorb new ideas from quick speeches, while most comedians run their own mobile channel or show if you want lighter fare.
Small screens are no excuse either: smartphones are getting bigger and there's a great range of tablets available, so you can always find something to support your new commuting interests.

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  1. Great ideas! I have more than an hour each way, so will certainly have a go, I love learning languages!



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