Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Crocs Winter Boots - A Review

Way back in 1984, I was a fourteen year teenager. We were fast approaching Christmas, snow was falling heavily so I was wearing my moon boots that I had purchased that day from Romford market. I was all dolled up with clumped electric blue mascara, heavily applied Heather Shimmer lippy and tinsel bows in my lacquered hair that was starting to flop from the cold, wet snow, but I didn't care as I was  linked arms with my mates, singing Wham's last Christmas out loud for the whole World to hear. Good times and great memories.

I love that a lot of the eighties style is back in fashion, and I literally squealed with delight when I spotted Croc's Crocband Multi 11.5 Winter Boots. How retro are they!!! 

I have never owned a pair of Croc's before, so didn't really know what to expect and as I slipped my foot into the boots I was pleasantly surprised to discover that they are super comfy. I have quite wide feet, so I warn you now that these boots do come up small. I usually buy a size 5 or a 6 depending on how wide the footwear is, and I found that the size 7 Croc boots fit me perfectly. So if you decide to buy a pair of these beauties then you will probably need a size up.

I went for a nice long walk wearing my Croc winter boots, the weather was cold and drizzly but my feet were kept dry, comfy and snug. The quilted, nylon upper with puffy fill kept me really cosy.

Bottom Line - What do we think?
We seriously love them! So much so that my teenage girls have claimed both pairs that I was sent to review, which really surprised me as my thirteen year old is usually very difficult to please. My eighteen year old is super fashion conscious and is in the photo's below, demonstrating how fab they look on. We just need some snow now, so the girls can really enjoy them. Very retro, very cool!

Available from www.crocs.co.uk priced £69.99

*We were sent two pairs of Crocband Multi 11.5 Winter Boots free of charge for the purpose of this review. Our opinions are unbiased and completely honest.


  1. Love crocs I have a few pair as they are so comfortable to wear. Not got boots so I would like to try those out!

  2. Wow i love them - fabulous colours :)

  3. I'm not generally a fan of Crocs, but these are gorgeous! All together now: Laaaast Christmas, you gave me my heart......:-)

  4. I am not a snow lover, but these booties should do the trick. Enjoy. Think I will look for some Uggs! Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  5. I have just discovered the joy of crocs - they make the best house shoes and slippers (with a pair of fluffy bed sock) .... and those boots rock! X



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