Friday, 25 October 2013

Thrifty Plus Size - Stud Your Blouse

I'm really into the studded clothing trend at the moment. My eye is always instantly drawn to items with studs. I guess it is me having a moment of my rock chic youth back. While I was in my local charity shop I found this great red, 80's, bat winged blouse for a pound. I instantly liked it as its my favourite colour, and I thought it would look fab studded.

1. Buy Your Studs - Studs are available from lots of craft shops, or like me you can purchase them from Ebay very cheaply. I got a bag full for a few pounds.

2. Place Studs In Position - Decide where you want your studs on your item of clothing, and carefully place them to get a rough idea of where they will go.

3. Pierce The Fabric - Push the pins of the stud through the fabric.

4. Bend The Pins - Bend the pins all the way over, use a butter knife to help if its a bit tough.

5. Continue Studding...

Red 1980's Blouse/overshirt - Charity Shop - £1.00
Black Leggings with Studded detail - Simply Be - £11.00
Black Tunic - Simply Be - £25.00
Black Studded Boots - Simply Be - £45.00


  1. Your blouse looks great with the studs! :)

  2. How fun! And I love the red and black! Linda

  3. What a great idea love your shirt , red looks great on you too :)

    Thanks so much for joining and sharing the weekend blog hop :)

    Happy Saturday ...

  4. That's a great idea. It has inspired me to look at some of my clothes with a view to what can be done with them.



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