Thursday, 3 October 2013

Reasons To Be Cheerful

Its been very busy here at The Syders all week, and very chaotic as Papa Syder had an accident last weekend and ended up with a nasty hole in his foot. He jumped off our bed (after putting some Christmas pressies up on top of the wardrobe) and he landed on a plug. The prong went through his foot. Eewww, it totally turned my stomach and he was in so much pain, I could have cried for him. He went to the Doctors, had a tetanus and was given some antibiotics, so he is on the mend but still in a lot of pain.

1. Even though Papa really hurt himself, it has meant lots of cuddles on the sofa as the Doctor has prescribed foot rest. It really wasn't easy getting him to rest up and he has still been hobbling to work. But I have made him put his feet up as soon as he gets in. While resting we have discovered 'The Walking Dead' box set and are totally hooked.

2. I received a lovely opportunity from Simply Be last week. They sent me a dress and asked to create two looks by using thrifty accessories. I love this type of review as it fires up my creativity and is so much fun. They were a total pleasure to work with and they really made my week. I always enjoy reviews and have received some really gorgeous opportunities over the years, but fashion challenges really thrill me especially when I can incorporate them into my 'Thrifty Plus Size'. Great fun.

3. It was carnival weekend and we really enjoyed it. Sadly Papa had to miss it due to his injury but I popped down there and bumped into Friends and Neighbours. My Daughters partners two little Nieces come to stay overnight and so did our Granddaughter and right at the last minute (2 hours to go) the girls decided that they wanted to dress up in fancy dress. Usually my Granddaughter has dress ups at my house but she had taken them all home on her last visit, so I began to panic. Our town gets shut off for carnival so there was no nipping to Asda, instead I come up with the idea to make three little brides from a old piece of net. Lucky I can sew.

How's Your week Been?

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart


  1. Hope Papa Syder's foot gets better soon & I love the dresses you created!!!

  2. Glad you still had a great week despite papa's injury. popping over to check out your simply be post now xx

  3. I love those outfits. Definitely a useful skill to have.

  4. Ahh the three little brides are so cute, off to read your fashion post now. Wishing Papa well, it must have been a weekend for it, Miss M broke her elbow. Mich x

  5. Oh poor Papa Syder!!!!! I had my hand over my mouth *in shock* reading that - I can't imagine how painful that must have been! X

  6. Oh dear, that was definitely not a pleasant thing to happen! Although the rest of your week sounds lovely xx

  7. Poor Papa! How sweet do your 3 little brides look!

  8. Poor Papa, I do hope he's on the mend... xx



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