Friday, 13 September 2013

Retro Dresser Makeover - Before And After

I'm really into up-cycling old furniture, I love pieces from the 1960's/70's and a couple of months ago I picked up 1960's wooden dresser from my local antique market for £50. It was love at first sight. I really like it's dainty size and shape.

Thankfully we had a very dry summer as I knew this would take me some time to paint. Over three days I had it sat on my deck in my garden while I gave it a very light sanding, then two coats of undercoat and three coats of a white satin paint. The cubby holes were the most time consuming, but I persevered with it as I knew it would look fabulous when finished. I also wanted to keep the handles in their original colour so I had to paint around these areas with an extra steady hand.

I love the finished result. Its a good, strong, very useful piece of furniture and I'm glad I could re-use and re-love it.


  1. Wow, what a transformation! It looks so cool. Bet it was hard work but well worth it.

  2. Absolutely love it! Especially the handle, great call!

  3. Ohh wow! That looks fab! Well done x

  4. It looks fantastic, well done you :-)

  5. It looks so great, I really like that you've kept the handles the original colour x

  6. That is just fantastic.... you're so good at this! It looks so fresh and brand new! X.



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