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Thinking Of Mum

It's been a quiet house here, this week at The Syders. It has been a week of positives, touched with some sadness, as this week seven years ago we lost our beautiful Mum, so I often struggle a bit this time of year as my mind wanders back to our time at St Helena Hospice
On the positive side, this anniversary is getting a little easier as each year passes. I miss her just the same, and I yearn so badly to phone her but I can control the tears better these days.

1. No Back To School - As I Homeschool, I don't have that crazy rush around the shops for new school uniform. I don't get that anxious tummy as I wave them off to start their new school year. An anxious feeling I would get every year as my kids headed back to school. Its nice not to have that anymore. Although, we do still get to have the school holiday 'Clarks Experience' as we take our Granddaughter to get her school shoes fitted.

2. Friends - Firstly I had a coffee morning with my very good friend and neighbour. We have both been really busy over the summer and haven't really seen each other, so it was really nice to have a good natter and a catch up. I also had a lovely surprise gift turn up in the post from another friend, who blogs over at Sky-Blu-Pink. We have never met, but she is one of those bloggers that I feel a connection to, you know when you read a blog and you think, I could be friends 'in real life' with that person, well she is one of those for me. A very thoughtful, kind lady, Thanks G x.

3. Clear Results - All the tests I've been having over the summer have come back clear! I'm so relieved. My blood pressure is still through the roof so I'm on medication for it, but it is going down. To be honest, Ive had some extended family upsets to deal with and the Doctor thinks this could be the cause. He said I have to de-stress and not let things upset me, which I know is right.  Hubby has even downloaded an app that plays de-stressing music. Sounds of the sea and rain are my favourites.

Hows Your Week Been?

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  1. Glad that everything is moving in the right direction for you. Enjoy the music. Maybe yoga?

  2. I feel exactly the same way about this month, it's always a tough one. Glad your results are looking good and that you have some good friends close by to rely on. That was a good idea of Papa's with the music, try and relax honey and don't let them get to you xxx

  3. Glad tom hear your tests have come back clear, wishing you a weekend filed with happy memories of your Mum. Mich x

  4. glad to hear the tests have come back clear, always a relief - I have been feeling pretty poop recently and should take the time out to check up at the doctors but theres always something else to do isn't there. xxx


  5. Lovely post! I really hope that you have a great week ahead and make the most of it ;) ..
    Reasons to be cheerful should really be cherished at any and every cost.
    Jessica x


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