Monday, 23 September 2013

Grandparents In Love

This is my Grandparents during their very last trip together to Granddad's beloved Ireland. Grandad was in the very early stages of Alzheimer's.

Born and raised on a beautiful farm in Kilkenny, Southern Ireland Grandad run away to London during the 1950's to be with Nan. They were young, very much in love and their religions forbid them to be together. One a catholic and one a Protestant.  

Leaving Ireland and the farm he was due to inherit broke Grandads heart, but he couldn't live his life without our Nan. So he packed his bags and headed for the bright lights of London. I imagine he felt afraid and uncertain of what the future held for him.

My Grandparents lived for their Family and they totally adored every one of their many Grandchildren. Every Grandchild was loved in equal measures. Every Christmas and Easter Nan would have all her Grandchildren's gifts lined up in her front room. They would be in big bags, all filled with exactly the same for all of her children's families. No-one was ever left out or forgotten. I have never met a fairer Lady, than my Nan, every family member was treated the same, she prided herself on the fact that every child felt equally loved by her and Grandad.

Nan and Grandad were still very much in love right up until we sadly lost Grandad. It was devastating for Nan to slowly watch her big strong Irishman crumble to Alzheimer's. Nan was never really the same after Granddad's death. She was still the same old feisty, funny Nanny but I knew her heart was broken. I knew her heart ached every minute of every day, for the one and only love of her life, Our Grandad.


  1. I love that photo, their love really was a lesson to all of us

  2. Beautiful post. What special memories you have. Altzheimer's is so so cruel. How proud they would be of you xx

  3. They sound like they were an inspirational couple. You must be very proud of them... x

  4. What a beautifully written post, I just love the way you write. So heartwarming yet so sad, Altzheimer's is indeed very cruel. They seem like great characters and really thoughtful people. A wonderful photo too. Thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

  5. Lovely photograph and what a lovely couple... and how brave of your granddad, to against the 'rules' and leave his homeland to be with the love of is life. X

  6. Aww beautiful post, my grandma was a fighter but I could tell how much she missed my grandad too and she proved to us all she was a fighter then just gave up fighting to be with him x

    Thanks for sharing, have a lovely weekend...

  7. Beautiful story. I'm living a similar story now. My mom passed away unexpectedly May1. She was like your grandma. Always fair. Then, my father-in-law passed away May 17. It broke our hearts to lose two such special people. My parents were married 60 years in March. My in-laws, would have been 57 in June. So my kids went from having 4 grandparents to 2 very quickly. We miss them terribly. But their love, like yours speaks volumes to those who got to witness it.

    Thanks for sharing such a special shot!



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