Debenhams Dream Bedroom Competition

I would love a dream bedroom. A place to escape to. A place that is just mine (and Hubby's). A place where everything will be just as it was when I left it. My personality stamped all over it. A place where no-one else can complain about how its been decorated or moan about chosen colour schemes (like my kids usually do). A room in the house that is just how I want it. My bedroom could be that room and if I had £5,000 to spend in Debenhams, this is what I would choose to fill it with...

My Dream Debenhams Bedroom

My Dream Debenhams Bedroom by mamamakes featuring chrome ceiling lights

I'd want my bedroom to be the perfect place to completely relax, so luxurious bedding, throws and cushions would be a must. Tranquil colours and lighting that help me drift off to sleep or feel cosy as I read my books would be blissful. Storage would be lovely, so a large sliding door wardrobe would be perfect to store everything from shoes and clothing to spare pillows and blankets.

The first thing that caught my eye on the Debenhams website was the geisha girl cushion. This cushion became my inspiration for the room. I built my mood board around it, creating a bedroom that tied in well with this gorgeous cushion. I totally love it.

Annie from Mammasaurus blog and Jen from Love Chic Living blog are hosting a really exciting bloggers competition to win £500 in Debenhams vouchers with two runner up prizes of £50. All you have to do is create a dream Debenhams bedroom mood board using an editor of your choice. I chose Polyvore here because its a great tool for creating a shopping list and a certain look. It makes it easy to compare colours and styles. Pop over to Annie's & Jen's and join in, it's great fun especially if you enjoy a spot of interior design.

What do you think of my dream Debenhams bedroom? What would you chose for your bedroom?
Debenhams Dream Bedroom Competition Debenhams Dream Bedroom Competition Reviewed by Emma@christmascupboard on Monday, September 09, 2013 Rating: 5


  1. Ooo now I LOVE your choice of colours and I'm off to hunt down those birdy storage bits!


  2. How funny I just said today I'd like a dusty or pale pink and dove grey bedroom lol. Must say I love your picks xxx


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