Thursday, 12 September 2013

Bratzillaz™ Back To Magic Dolls

Bratzillaz™ are the witchy glam cousins of the original Bratz™ dolls. They study at an exclusive fashion magic academy known as the ‘Bratzillaz™ Academy’, where they learn magical powers to do good for all those around them. 

The new Bratzillaz™ Back to Magic dolls are dressed in unique witchy school fashions including delicate detailed clothing, with trendy magical patterns, and fashionable hair styles. 

This term the Bratzillaz™ academy welcomes two new foreign exchange students, Victoria Antique from China and Illiana Honesty from India. Jade J’Adore, Sashabella Paws and Meygana Broomstix are all returning to the academy for the start of the school year with their new friends. 

We were sent Jade J'adore to have a look at at and we love her. We like her funky taste in fashion, a little grungy but hey, she is a witch. Besides, as an eight year old she would have appealed to me much more than a princess doll. 

Jade's favourite colour is obviously red, she boasts a vibrant red colour in her hair and she comes equipped with  a cape, hat, brush and she even has a tattoo (just like Nanny).

The reason I like fashion dolls is because as a child I dreamt of becoming a fashion designer, to sit at a sewing machine, just like my Nan Grace and make my own beautiful clothes. The first items of clothing that I ever made were handmade dresses for my fashion dolls. They inspired me to sew and design items of clothing. I would sit for hours and draw dresses that I thought would look great on my fashion dolls.

Bottom Line - What Do We Think? My seven year old Granddaughter also has a creative flair and she loves Jade J'adore and I know she would enjoy playing with the other dolls from the same range. We think this doll is reasonably priced and would make a lovely gift for any child with an interest in fashion dolls. Big thumbs up from the Syders.

Bratzillaz™ Back to Magic dolls are priced at around £16.99, suitable for ages six plus, and available from all good toy retailers nationwide.

*We were sent a  Bratzillaz™ Back to Magic doll free of charge for the purpose of this review. We have receieved no financial reward and our thoughts & opinions are entirely our own.


  1. I've seen these dolls and I'm still not sure about them.
    I know sooner or later my girls will be in the age bracket that ask for them but there's something about them that that I 'm not sure about, but maybe that's me getting old eh?

    1. Hi Mari, I know some people are a bit unsure about them, but to be honest I've never had a problem with my Girls playing with them. Funnily enough I wrote a piece today for someone about my old 1970's Sindy doll being my role model, not because of the way she looked but because, to me she was a strong, independent woman who knew what she wanted in life and could be who-ever she wanted to be. Hmmm, maybe I'll do a blog post around the subject too xxx

  2. I had Sindy dolls so I'm kind of stuck in a 70's time warp. These dolls look great but to me they don't leave much to the imagination. I used to have hours of fun messing with hair and drawing on them with Ma's eyeliner but as my eldest boys keep reminding me, times have changed. The simplicity of my childhood no longer exists so maybe it's time that I got 'with it'. Who knows, maybe Damien will ask for one... he does have a Bratz handbag! ;)



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