St Helena Hospice And The Happy Badger

Yesterday I was visited by The Happy Badger. A badger from Appliances Online who is on a mission to spread happiness as far across the blogosphere as possible by donating £50 to a charity of our choice. Without a moments hesitation my choice is St Helena Hospice in Colchester, Essex, a charity very close to my heart as my Mum & Nan both spent their last days there after losing their brave battles with cancer. 

Nan & Grandad
My Paternal Grandmother, Grace was the most talented and interesting person I have ever known and on Mothers Day 1991 she lost her long battle with cancer. Nan Grace was not only extremely creative, she was also hilariously funny and I adored her. Both me and my Auntie Jolly Jilly agree that if she was still around today she most certainly would be blogging. I'm hoping my Aunt will publish Nan's memoirs for all to enjoy. Both Grandparents are gone now and I miss them so much. Nan took her last breathe at St Helena's.

Mum, Me & My Brother

When my Mum was diagnosed with Endometrial cancer in 2006 I was not prepared for the devastating affect that it would have on all our lives. I didn't think for one moment that she might die. I was in total denial. Within six months my strong, brave Mum was gone. Just like that. Gone. I honestly believe that my heart broke that day. She was 56 and took her last breathe at St Helena's.

St Helena's hospice were a huge support to my entire family as we sat at Mums bedside, around the clock for two weeks. The care that my Mum received was incredible and I will never be able to Thank the staff enough for all they did to guarantee my precious Mum spent her last days in a loving environment.

Thankyou St Helena Hospice x

Huge Thanks to the Happy Badger for donating £50 to St Helena Hospice on my behalf. If you are a blogger and would like a visit from the Happy Badger then pop over and fill out the contact form here.

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  1. Ah Emma that's sweet brought a tear to my eye for nan and your mum . I miss them so much. I'm hoping for a badger visit soon and it will be helena's who I would have a donation . Such a wonderful place xxxxxx


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