Magpie Monday - Snap Happy

I've had another good week of retro finds for my vintage dresser and sideboard. Ive been going to a fab car boot sale recently, and I even got chatting to an antique stall holder, all about 1960's and 70's furniture. This lady is also collecting stuff for her lounge and she gave me some great tips for finding bargains. Her top tip? Get to the booty early. I'm talking at least 7am. She showed me her personal haul from roaming around 3 hours earlier than me, and I was dead jealous.

I love this 1970's Halina camera. I couldn't resist popping a film into it and trying it out. I haven't used a camera like this for years. A great bargain find (from eldest Daughter) for £2. I guess bargain hunting runs in the genes.

This 1970's wooden tray is gorgeous. It will be perfect on my sideboard with maybe a 70's tea set. A bargain for £1.

Magpie Monday - Snap Happy Magpie Monday - Snap Happy Reviewed by Emma@christmascupboard on Monday, August 05, 2013 Rating: 5


  1. Nice finds em. I remember nan having one like this. Mind you I wish I had the box brownie camera she had when I was little. Prob be worth a fortune xxxx

  2. i love the camera, I have a thing about vintage cameras, and I am building up quite a collection. x

  3. Ohh I wonder how your photos will turn out. I hope you managed to chop off everyone's head in every pic like my dad always used to do in the 70s!

  4. Wow what a great bargain the camera was! Hope it works well and no heads get missed :)

  5. I love vintage cameras. Reminds me of my dads broken one that he gave me to play with when I was little, complete with the leather case that snapped closed with poppers. I felt like a real photographer. Love the red tray


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