Monday, 12 August 2013

Magpie Monday - Camping and Slides

A few weeks ago I picked up a great retro mini cool box from my local charity shop for £1. It is in lovely, clean condition and it is the perfect size for a picnic or to keep butter, milk and some bacon during camping trips.


My Daughter and her boyfriend have an eye for a bargain too and found this fab vintage slide projector, with table and screen for £15.

I love it. The retro shape, colour and its immaculate condition is so appealing. A great buy.


  1. £1! that's crazy! it all looks awesome!

  2. I would kill for the slide projector. We have 100's of family slides but no projector

  3. Tom and Mary used to have a projector and loads of film of me and your dad. Wonder if Brian still has it as it would be fun to see lol. Great finds well done xx

  4. Oh I love the projector! Fun times to be had with that!

  5. Love the little cool box, idea for a picnic. That projector is so beautiful, clearly your daughter is a chip off the old block in more than appearance!



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