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It's early on a Saturday morning and the many birds that gather on the vine that grows vigorously across the front of my little house wake me as they happily chirp out their birdsong. I love that so many birds nest amongst the safety of its twine, and that they all urge me to get up and look forward to another summer's day in the garden.

After showering and drinking my morning coffee, I make my way out into the garden. The warm air suddenly hits me as I step outside. The weather has been so hot for so long but I don't complain as I admire my Lillie's and hanging baskets, feeling pleased that the heatwave has produced my largest blooms yet. I  gently pick up a crate of Pansies and Saliva's and begin planting some baskets and pots for my Son's garden. I hope one day, my kids will adopt my love of gardening just like I did from my own parents and grandparents.

As I tenderly plant, my mind wanders back to my childhood as it so often does. I'm a sentimental soul and so many gardens from my past fill me with nostalgia. I think of my Nan Grace, such a clever, funny lady with so many creative talents. Gardening was one of them. I loved visiting my Nan & Grandad, especially as I knew my Auntie Jilly would be there.

The summer of 1975, my teenage Auntie Jilly has been dressing me up again, just like She always does. As she combs my hair into bunches and places an over sized pair of sunglasses on my face, she asks "What's your favourite band?" I eagerly reply "The Bay City Rollers!"

My 15 year old Auntie suddenly looks like she is about to be sick. "Oh no, not them, they are so rubbish! Your favourite group is The Osmonds, just like me!"  I know Jilly is right, She always is. Jilly is the coolest Auntie in the whole World and She knows everything. The Osmonds become my favourite group.

I excitedly skip outside to Nan's garden and tell the little girl from next door all about my new pop discovery. She becomes excited too, but as She is only three I suspect She hasn't a clue what I'm on about. Still, She thinks I'm all grown up because I know stuff that she doesn't. She thinks I'm cool and I grin, Just like Auntie does.

I turn to my Brother, behind me who is leaning over the pond trying to catch Nan's fish and I pretend to push him in. He jumps up and chases me around the wobbly edge of the water. I'm a bit worried because I know if he catches me I'm going straight in, and Nan wont be one bit pleased. Thankfully, he gives up and resumes his fish catching position.

The pond in Nan's garden was a dominant feature throughout our Childhood. How we didn't fall in, I'll never know. But now I'm ready for one too. A Pond just like Nan and Grandad.

Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?

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  1. Happy memories. I remember the Bay City Rollers too. Your flowers and photos of them are lovely, by the way.

  2. I love the way you write your memories, it makes me feel like I was there. Lovely post x

  3. Lovely post em. I so remember telling you about the Osmonds lol. You were loyal to the cause until you found your own loves lol. You and Sam loved that pond and watching the fish and tadpoles in the summer. Nanny loved her garden and growing her veg. Grandad just liked to lie in the sun and get brown as a berry lol

  4. Lovely story. And just so you know, I think you are cool too:-)

  5. Well it was worth waiting for..

    Finally sat down with a coffee (decaf *sighs*) and read this post. It's written in such a wonderful way that I could happily have read more...

    I love your memories as well as your beautiful garden :) x

  6. See now once again I've become totally immersed in your post and ended up sitting here thinking back to my grandmas garden as a child.
    I'm sure with your love and passion of the garden that your son will naturally navigate his way to being greenfingered as he gets older - beautiful photos, beautiful words x

    Thank you ever so much for sharing x

  7. I just love the way you write, always feel like I'm with you - but as a bystander looking in. That makes no sense I know but a wonderful post and great photographs just the same :)

  8. Beautiful post - what lovely memories, wonderfully retold x

  9. lovely flowers, lovely pictures, lovely memories

  10. What a lovely, lovely story - special memories. Wasn't the summer of '75 the really hot one with the drought or was that '76??? Those flowers are stunning! X

  11. My grandad have a huge Koi pond in his garden and everytime we went round he'd give us a handful of pond food each to feed them.... you have so many great memories from family ponds - thanks for sharing :)


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