Monday, 15 July 2013

Magpie Monday - The Retro Dresser

It has been weeks since I last joined in with Lizzie's 'Magpie Monday' and it isn't because I haven't wanted to, but I've been de-cluttering so have avoided the charity shops. That was until I spotted this...

It was love at first sight, a gorgeous 1960's/70's dresser. I know it doesn't look much now but after a few coats of Annie Sloan white paint, it will look brilliant. Perfect for the alcove in my lounge. I need some retro accessories to dress it and I have a mental list of things I'd like to display on my new dresser.

First up I wanted some wooden deer and was thrilled to pick up a whole family of them for a fiver. I love them!

Next item on my list was a retro soda syphon, and I was chuffed to find one at the car boot sale for £2.

And then as I was walking into my local charity shop, I saw a funky 1970's tray with a £1 sticker placed upon it. I must admit I nearly tripped up my own feet as I rushed over to it. I have been after one just like this for ages.

Found any bargains this week?


  1. You see those wooden deer......I had two of those when they first came out in the 1960s!!!

  2. I used to get a wooden deer every Christmas from my old Uncle Neville when I was a little girl. I loved them!

  3. I adore the dresser, perfect shape

  4. My mum had those wooden deer!!!! I wonder what happened to them?

    I love that dresser, reminds me of pigeon holes. I bet it will look amazing painted white.

  5. the dresser is a great shape, love the triangular drawer pulls. I would have snapped up that tray too!

  6. I want to shop where you shop!! You've got some fantastic stuff there, I love the dresser and the soda syphon.

  7. This is going to look fabulous! I think that you should consider hiring yourself out as a personal thrift shopper...I'm trying to declutter too so I just TRY to put my blinders on passing charity shops and signs for boot sales and the fabulous Swap shops. But, but but...!

  8. Love your tray, it looks like it will match in well with your kitchen. :)

  9. I honestly don't know how you manage to find such great things! Can't wait to see the dresser finished, will you be showing us how you do the make over?



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