Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Living On Less - Pine Bed Makeover

I really like to get stuck into home makeover's, especially old pieces of furniture and if it saves me the money of paying out for a new item then I would rather just buy a tin of paint and get painting. We have had our bed for around 13 years. It cost us a lot of money when we bought it as it is a solid pine four poster bed. It is very big and very heavy. 

Anyway, when we moved into this house about four years ago our bedroom was too small to have the bed as a four poster so we took down the posts and stored them in the loft. I had become very bored with the orange pine and wanted a new white bed, so we took the bed apart, put it in the back garden and started rubbing it down with some sandpaper. We gave it a lick of undercoat, then a few coats of white satin wood. This was the result...

For the price of paint we ended up witha nice new bed.

What do you think?


  1. Wow! A total transformation, it could be something you'd find in a (pricey) hotel room. You must be really pleased with it.

    1. Thanks Sally, yes I'm really pleased with it. I did it quite a while ago now and it still looks lovely x

  2. Wow, it looks stunning Em, love the wallpaper too xxx

  3. amazing: it looks like a totally different bed and you really see the detail on the bedhead now. Brilliant and inspiring in equal measure.

  4. Amazeballs! That wallpaper helps too, very atmospheric!

  5. WOAH! That is fantastic - very dramatic (love the wallpaper too). X.

  6. Such a beautiful transformation! And love the backdrop too, like babes in the wood!

  7. I think Kirsty Allsop's got serious competition!

    Awesome (can I say that at 43?) transformation!

    Love it! x

  8. Lovely, am thinking about doing the same to a pine dresser we have - did you sand it first or just paint over and what paint did you use if so.............so hoping it is going to be easy!



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