Saturday, 1 June 2013

Living On Less - Bedroom Makeover For £50

I love a challenge, especially if it's a thrifty, frugal one and it involves home improvement on a budget, so when I was invited to take part in the Money Supermarket's 'Room For Improvement Challenge' I couldn't wait to get stuck in, and they even provided the £50.

My thirteen year old Daughter's bedroom really needed a re-vamp, as it was looking very tired and messy with One Direction posters everywhere (In this photo she had actually taken some down).The curtain rail had snapped in half a couple of weeks ago, so she had no curtains up, the first thing I wanted to buy was a roller blind.

I'm a strong believer in letting the kids have their bedrooms exactly how they want them to be, so I do let my Daughter stick as many posters as she wants up on her walls. I remember thinking my Mum was very unreasonable for not letting me paint my bedroom walls black, back in the 1980's, but I'm very glad my own Daughters don't want to do the same thing, I get my Mum's point now. Thankfully, my Daughter was happy to paint her walls with the creamy colour that we had left over from recently decorating our lounge. So along with her Friend and our Granddaughter I let them loose with the paint and they did a superb job.

The room is very small so we have a loft bed in there, that I managed to pick up from Facebook sales a few months back for £20. It was an excellent buy as it in brand new condition. Youngest Daughter likes to have sleepovers, especially her Cousin on a regular basis, so the pull out bed that doubles up as a comfy chair underneath her loft bed is ideal.

I painted my Daughters blue mirror white and I found an old red shelf in the shed that I also painted white. It makes an ideal combination as a mini dressing table for her hair straighteners, hair brush etc.

With the £50, I shopped around for the best homewares deal that I could find and Tesco Direct come up trumps with £10 off if you spend £40 on homewares, so I ordered the list below and to save on delivery fees I chose to have my order delivered for free to my local Tesco Express, where I collected it.

Duvet Set - F&F Home Cascade Butterflies - £10.00
Pillowcase Set, twin pack - Bright Teal - £2.50
Fitted Sheet -  Bright Teal - £4.80
Ceiling Light Shade - Arabella Satin shade - Teal - £18.36
Roller Blind - Stripe Blackout - 120X160Cm - Teal - £10.00

Total - £45.66 but with the £10 off it totalled £35.66

Leaving just under £15 for paint.

I'm thrilled with the makeover and I know £50 doesn't cover things like new carpet, but you can do a lot more than you think by sticking to a budget, as it forces you to shop around and yes, you can completely change the look of a room for £50.

*I was provided with £50 by to spend on improving a room in our house.


  1. It looks great! And it looks like everyone had a fun time chipping in with the revamp.

  2. Thats really great Emma, well done
    Joy x x

  3. Looks great, love the butterflys :) just finishing my post off I did my bathroom :)

  4. A great job - really fresh looking! x

  5. Looks great and a big change for not too much money! I finished mine yesterday too!

  6. That's really, really impressive. It looks great. XXX

  7. Great room makeover :) I love the teal colour! x

  8. Lovely makeover - you need some sparkly fairy lights round the blind! I am a bit addicted to them though.



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